Bladen Sketch Bust Picture

A sketch I did a few weeks back of Bladen. I wish that I could draw a more accurate picture of him. He always looks either too young or too fem and not Bladen-y enough. Anyway, this is his natural face. He's in an almost constant state of male PMS and finds it hard to connect with others on a personal level, but he does a fair enough job of covering it up. You can at least have a decent conversation with him from time to time, ha. If he does a favor for you, though, be wary! He almost always has a reason for what he'd doing and generally doesn't go out of his way for people he isn't close to unless it's part of his job or he's getting something out of it.

Obviously he forgot to brush his hair when he gt up that day because it's all over the place. Looks like he woke up on the wrong side of the pillow, too xD The laurels and the uniform represent his rank. He's a rather high up member of the heavenly military and has control over a very elite group of soldiers. He also acts as a vessel for Michael's orders and can run things on his behalf. He usually only wears the laurels for official events or festivals. They're too simple here, because I was lazy, but the style represents his social standing as the heir to Michael's title. It actually isn't very unlike him to wear a plain laurel, though. Uh... the only other thing that I can think to point out is that the uniform is black, the sash is red, his hair is a honey brown - brown and he has nicely tanned skin. Oh, and his eyes are a light sage green.

Michael and Gabe make pretty babies. Or maybe just Gabe makes pretty babies.
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