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Well, mainly wyverns... I really do love dragons, too, heck, Spyro (oldskool) is my first dragon-love! (...Not in THAT way...) But, since playing Drakengard, wyverns are definitely my favourite.


For some reason, comparing your typical dragon to typical wyvern... (From what I see? Eh?)

I always find wyverns to appear more... hurmmm... Like, ..they're from some dark, secret place. Like a hellhound is to hell. ..Or something.

Compared to your typical dragon from the ye olde mountain.


Well anyway.


Personal & Physical

Full Name: (Læteinn) Paranthonaax (Friend gave me the ideas for the name. Due to forgetting how to spell it and prefering it to be spelt thusly, I also thank him for the Skyrim references. C': Stealing another thing from Drakengard, currently, the only other being who knows Laeteinn's name is Kurai's character; Toukketsu)

Meaning: Lævateinn (I took out the v, but the meaning is; damaging twig. ISN'T IT AMAZING. 8'D Best twig.)


Nicknames: Tea, Lei-Lei, Anne. Although she doesn't mind Toukketsu calling her by these nicknames, (least favourite being Anne) she strongly enforces that these nicknames are only used by her when there is 'no one else around', or, only by locked telepathy. (More private mind talking and readings!) This is simply so then her name remains a secret. C: )

Age: 12,023 years. <D> ; Young adult-adult

Gender: Female

Specie: Dragon > Wyvern. 100% Blue/Black dragon. (Some would say it's a blue dragon, some would say it's black. Like a Russian blue cat! Except it's not always Russian... nor is it really blue...)

Sexual Orientation: Læ, honestly, has better things on her mind. Although the thought and question has passed her mind in some way, she doesn't seem all that interested or bothered. Shrugging off the possibilities with a 'whatever happens, happens' approach.

The thought of children: She would rather not. Definitely not any time soon, at least.

Are they overweight/underweight?: She LOOKS underweight, and could be argued that she is.

If so, why?: It is, honestly, just how her species come off as. She eats as she should. However, she does move around considerably more than your average wyvern, so she is just a little bit underweight. She is experiencing no anorexia thoughts or issues. There are no issues to her weight.

Can they bleed?: Of course~

What color is their blood?: Maroon.

Defining physical characteristics/general appearance:


Small waist, bigger chest area, 'lump' at the start of her neck, long neck. Spikes(Questionable whether or not they retract) Sparkle-shit mthrfkr<3


- Doesn't need to eat much.

- Can inhale large amounts of air and force the brewing power-breath (Fire, ice, water, depending on the element of the wyvern. In this case; Fire/Nuclear) out with greater magnitude.

- Lump in throat is bigger to, once again, help create the power-breath.

- Good back and rear defence.


-Weak against physical ramming/take down. Fairly easy to knock down. (Against others with greater muscle-power.)

-Easier to seriously damage the rib-cage area. (Compared to other dragon-species. >More so heavily built ones.)

-Long neck makes it easier for others to chomp/grab/etc


Lae's wings are large.


-Can carry her body, and other things, easily.

-Helps with the swing of her tail to not throw her off balance.

-Can recover from turbulences more easily.

-Fairly powerful
~Equally good for defence.

Swooping down from great heights and then sudden leaving before ground. (Good scaring tactic. When smoothed, this is also a good tactic to up her speed and procedure a fight and flight tactic.)


-Quite often gets in the way.
~Can be argued to be more of a hindrance because of this.

-Quite slow in movability. (When compared.)

-Flight acrobatics can be extremely difficult to pass.

-Quite a big target
~Takes a great deal of time to recover from damage or wounds.


Thin-to-thick thickness. Long tail. Sharp 'scythe'/tip. Fairly sharp and deadly scythe at the tip of her tail.


-Swift, sharp attack.


Her tail attack, thanks to her wings, will need to prepare itself accordingly. A long tell-tale sign.


Both medium, long, and curved horns.


-Good penetrating attack.


-Not particularly thick enough to head-butt into things with great force without consequence. (Curves somewhat help strengthen the weak-points, but not by much or enough to 'worth her risking' continuing her horned attack.

-Personally, Lae does not like to risk breaking or losing a horn. She rarely uses her horns to attack, but, rather, to defend.



-Good for blinding!


-Not so much sneaking...

Large wings and tiny waist help her endurance in flight (Capable of carrying other things without a problem. In fact, she may often argue she feels more comfortable when carrying.), powerful, heavy-muscle legs to kick off the ground and a thick-ish(Wyvern tail types can be much, much thicker.) tail for balance. (Must be swayed during flight for appropriate balance, however.

Eye color(s): Originally amber. Currently; Blue and amber.

Contacts?: Nope.

Is this eye color uncommon?: Different eye colours are uncommon, but definitely not unheard of.

Are their eyes good?: Exceedingly.

Body build: Slim.

Posture: Leans forward, quite relaxed/slouched while on ground.

Describe how they walk(Fast, slow, weak step, etc.): The species in general has a somewhat difficult time to walk by itself, almost always needing to rely on its wings to pick itself up along.

Due to Lae's larger wings, she must move them most slowly, as a result, she is also, likewise, to walk slowly.

Lae, personally, struggles quite a big deal to run. She prefers flight when moving, even only for short distances.

Why do they walk this way?: Specie and bigger wings.

Do they limp?: Perhaps not limping in the common way one would think from injury, but rather from the awkwardness her specie gains from doing so. So, yes, in some way, she limps.

Skin: Pale blue.

Scales: Blue/black.

Patterns/designs: Blend.

Scars: A few from battles and accidents, but nothing that stands out.

Are their nails taken care of(Decently)?: As much as a dragon can.

Personality snapshot: Quiet, solitary, untrusting, 'territorial', dislikes confrontation; will avoid if she can < > Will scare off those much smaller than her.

In depth personality:

Not that wyverns in general are very social, Lae likes to keep to herself and avoid contact from others as much as possible. The only exception is Toukettsu, whom she trusts and feels comfortable with. Granted, not always, but, most of the time.

Most prominent personality trait:
Best traits of their personality:
Worst traits of their personality:

Realm: Although the realm hasn't been decided between Kurai and I; I had this idea during the creation of this character that they were both from another 'realm', something like a parallel world, but 'not exactly', that was destroyed, warped, or now governed by something that was once thought to be a myth/legend/powerful creature. They, among many others, tried to fend off this creature, but were both killed in the process before they were able to do so.

Through strong will, and bond or pact, they find themselves in a different realm. They are separated, but eventually find each other again. There are no memories or scars of the past event (seemingly), all that there is are the two reunited.

That's all I had planned, but I wait for Kurai to help decide what should be~)

Knowledge of the Realm: ...There be dragons, sonny?
- Mythological Creatures

- Humans and animals

- Average Science and technology; Like in today, except without things such as mobile phones and yer fancy cinemas! BACK IN MAI DAY...
~ There are schools and colleges, jobs with decent pay. Leaders, but not so much your typical government presidential leaders.

- Bickering rivalry between races. Mini wars, but nothing too disastrous. It's pretty much a common occurrence.
~ Dragons and wyverns are one of the most dangerous. There seems to be a love-hate relationship at times. The species acknowledge and, to some degree, respect each others powers. An inferior complex rises and causes tension between them, however. Together, they can be quite formidable foes to contend with. Apart, there's some interesting and pretty fireworks. ...Still, it might be best to hide in some sort of cave... far... far away.

[link]§ion=&global=1&q=Information+sheet#/d2k9utl I used a great, granted, not all, but most, biography sheet from here.


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