Amonnosi and Lucifis Picture

Ammonosi is a demon who was born and raised in the underground land known as the Underworld. Though his homeland is the Underworld, he lived in a cave system that had an ecosystem of fungus and lichens, rather then fire and lava. He went into the art of magic, and quickly gained skill in magic use. Rather then becoming a mage or healer, he instead turned to dark arts and rituals. He became a member of a dark arts group known as the Abyssal Olms, where he became involved in vile and cruel acts, all in hopes of raising a Core Dweller in order to take over the Underworld. For years he was a part of the group, and during that time he met Lucifis, an imp who was also a member of the Abyssal Olms. The two of them became good friends and enjoyed their dark criminal ways. Their travels took them above and below, as they hunted down victims and sought out new spells. But on one fateful day, that all changed.

While spying on another part of the Underworld, Ammonosi had positioned himself on the stalactite scaffolds that hung above a lake of lava. As he lay in wait, one of the stalactites gave out and destroyed the walkway he was on. This left him dangling above a pool of burning lava, with his only hand hold slowly giving away by the second. At that moment, Ammonosi knew that he was doomed, as there was no way he could survive this event. But just before his grip failed him, another stalactite broke off and wrecked the connecting scaffolds. This caused the whole structure to break loose, which swung him away from the lava and launched him to the safety of the rocky shore. The resulting impact with the ground and debris shattered one of his horns and left him beaten and bruised, but alive. When he regained consciousness, he was startled by the fact that he was alive, and that the broken beams, wires, ropes and boards had somehow created the shape of a cross standing before him. He had seen that shape before, when he had traveled to the surface world. It was the symbol of their god. The miracle of his survival and the presence of this holy symbol could not have been a coincidence, surely that god had stepped in and saved his life. He also knew it wasn't one of the Under Gods, because all demons who worship them know that they really couldn't care less about mortals.

Shaken by this event, he tried to return to his group and forget about it, but it was all too much. Doubt about his life and personal choices soon crippled his enjoyment of dark arts. He began to wonder if this god had saved him for a reason, so that he would wake up to his actions. Ammonosi turned to his buddy Lucifis to ask about his views of the surface gods. The answer was a lot of laughing. When Ammonosi started showing more interest in this surface religion, and showing doubts in his faith of the Core Dwellers, Lucifis jokingly told him to go ask a surface priest about it. The joke ceased being funny when Ammonosi dragged him with him.

Ammonosi and his buddy went to the surface world and traveled to the nearest church. After being doused in holy water and hit with several crucifixes, the two finally made their way inside. After the priest fled the scene, Ammonosi found a holy book of the god, and attempted to read it. Contact with the tome burned his hands, much like the holy water, and Ammonosi realized that his years in the dark arts had made him and Lucifis vulnerable to holy objects. But this did not scare him, instead it proved to him that this god had indeed saved him and woke him up to the dark past he had. The pain and burning was his burden to bear for such crimes, and he would gladly bear it. There in that church, Ammonosi swore that his dark days were over and that from that point forward, he would be a demon of God. Lucifis groaned at this proclamation.

Since that day, Ammonosi has traveled the lands, looking to spread the word of God to others. If this God had chosen to save a wretch like him, surely anyone could be saved. He crafted a noble robe and collar to wear, to show others that he is a demon of God (which people never seem to take seriously when he says that. Why is that?) He also wears gloves so that he can hold his book without being burned. Door to door he goes, preaching and telling tales that lay within that holy book. His travels take him to other churches and pastors, with whom he tries to speak with, but often gets a bucket full of holy water to the face. But this is not a sign of fear or hatred, rather, it is a sign that he is not yet free of sin! The other pastors and preachers are encouraging him to cleanse his soul and to let the Lord into his heart!

Ammonosi is obsessed with his new found religion, and never seems to shut up about the Lord and His ways. Every good thing that happens is because God is great and kind. Any bad thing that happens is just a test from the good Lord, seeing if his faith is strong. Every event needs to start with a prayer, and he usually likes to throw in another prayer at the end. His holy book is with him at all times, and he refers to it constantly. Anyone he meets he tries to convert, or at least tries to get them to listen to him. Ammonosi is very much oblivious to the fact that people don't take him seriously because he is a demon preaching a faith that has some beef with demons. Any attempts to convince him that this is silly are useless, as he stands by the idea that anyone can be saved by the Lord. Any insult or injury just leads him to "turn the other cheek," which he does so often it actually pisses a lot of people off.

And in this all is Lucifis, who has unfortunately been dragged into the whole charade. After Ammonosi's "reawakening," the demon has made it his primary goal to save Lucifis from his sinful ways. The main problem is Lucifis doesn't want to be a part of this and still wants to commit evil. Ammonosi has responded to this by using his past-life magic to "chain" Lucifis to his person. Without permission, Lucifis cannot walk more then 50 yards away from Ammonosi, or else he will run into a barrier. Ammonosi does not see this as cruel or evil, but rather a necessary thing so that he may save his friend and get him to heaven. Trapped with his delusional friend, Lucifis switches between being constantly pissed off, to trying to sabotage his friend's efforts. He hopes that can humiliate or undermine him enough that Ammonosi will give up his quest and let him go. But most of the time, Ammonosi is upset with himself, as it is all a clear sign that he is not trying hard enough to save his friend. This only ticks Lucifis off even more.

Both Lucifis and Ammonosi are well-trained in the art of magic, both able to perform complicated spells. Ammonosi has sworn himself from using these spells for his benefit, and chooses to use his words instead. Lucifis uses this magic to cause mischief and mayhem, but Ammonosi usually steps in magically to undo the damage or stop him before he can start. Lucifis has occasionally used his spells to protect Ammonosi and himself in dangerous times, showing that he still cares about his old pal.

As a demon and believer in God, Ammonosi has shown himself to be much more progressive then the rest of the human priests and bishops. Alchemy and science, to him, are proof that God has given this world the power to help others and save themselves. He is also very open to helping other species, and allowing them to join in faith. This very notion of allowing other species to worship the God of man is considered sacrilegious and blasphemous by other priests. Ammonosi sees that anyone can be saved, and that a man of God should not use a tome of hope and healing to spread fear and hate. With this notion, Ammonosi has set up a shoddy church in barn where he preaches every Sunday. He invites everyone to visit, and encourages those in need to come and take shelter with the Lord. This rundown church of his does have a small crowd of random species, who have found a kind of haven in this welcoming place.

On an odd note, Ammonosi seems to be unaware of the fact that demons are naturally immune to fire, regardless of where they are born. Fire, flames, magma and lava do not harm them at all. Concussions and blunt force trauma is an area he is not well studied in. He has also never really told Lucifis the full story of the miracle he witnessed, as the tale is often interrupted or pushed aside when Ammonosi gets busy.

Well here is an old relic who has been pulled from my gallery and brought to life. I had to fight the urge to name him Father Ampersan (why I wanted to is a mystery). So it is Father Ammonosi and Lucifis.

On a world building note, old demon names from mythology and religion are commonly used in the underworld. It is believed that these names started down below, and leaked up into the surface world, who used them to craft monsters and atrocities from them. Demon names down below have completely different meanings from the ones above, and usually amount to the same symbolism and meaning that names like Tim or Sarah have. There are popular names for children, with Lucifer or Satan being a rather common one. This usually causes some hi-jinks when holy warriors from above challenge the dark lord Satan, only to have five demons go "huh?"
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