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*goes and dies* After an entire WEEK of making tons of concepts... That turn out either looking like a rip off or just plain bad... I've found one, andz I thinks he looks liek a bumble bee 8D I love the gold, and I also blended the colorsbetter. I gave him some green eye... uh thingy... And the background is the StarFox Symbol cause that's the game he was based off of. (I'm finally getting their muzzles right...) Anyways the drawing was a pain, so was the coloring etc. Say anything negative about this and I will kill you... This took me FOOOOOORRREVERRRRR!!!! If you think this is too hard to draw just use his old design.

This design looks moar teh sex


Final Updated Profile

General Facts
Full Name: Captain Ookami Combattente Arrow

Real Full Name: Captain Ookami Combattente O'Donnell

Nicknames: Ookami, Ookie (to annoy him), Captain Arrow (by his Ship Staff)

Age: 35

Species: Cornerian Gray Wolf

Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft. 8 in.

Weight: 135 lb.

IQ: 300

Crushes: Skyler Phoenix (lawl x3)

Marital Status: Single

DOB: December 31, 4450

Birth Place: Corneria

Residence: Ship U.S.S Voyager [When he does leave, which rarely happens, he usually goes with him mom. Considering he never actually bought a house.]

Social Class: Somewhat Social

Economic Class: Middle Class

Alignment: Neutral

Top Speed: 30 M.P.H

Basic Stats [Highest is 5]
Agility - 5
Speed - 1
Strength - 4
Defense - 4
Evasiveness - 3
Dexterity - 4
Intelligence - 5
Skill - 5

Abilities: He has the gift of psychokinesis, meaning he can control the objects around him. He can also levitate and teleport and he has the gift of being physic. His glowing gloves and boots make his power even stronger, letting him slow down time around him to block attacks and stop high speed bullets in mid air. His right hand glove has a built in scanner, it can also alter and travel in time. He also can control the element of fire (Including water, electricity, earth, and wind. But these can only be used in his super transformations). He can create fire balls, explosions, and possibly with enough energy a natural disaster. These aren't classed as elements to him but he can control darkness and light. They can't create natural disasters but he can use them to summon the darkness and light gods. To top it off, he has been trained in jujitsu in the past.

Super Transformations
Angel Ookami (Powered by Light) - This is his first form, he has five tails (meaning he can use his 5 elements) and his powers are doubled. He can run and levitate faster. All his powers are increased greatly.

Demon Ookami (Powered by Darkness) - This is his darkness form, it's his 2nd most powerful form out of his 3. It's powers can override Angel Ookami's by 100%. He still has five tails and he can control his 5 elements in this form.

[link] (Powered by Both) - This form is a 5 Tailed Beast in the form of a Wolf (Originally a dog in Japanese mythology). The five tails represent the five elements that Ookami can only control in his super transformations. All five elements can create a natural disaster. Put together and they can cause a catastrophic earthquake. But there is a consequence, by transforming into this form Ookami loses energy every minute including bits of power. Stayed in it too long and he could kill himself.

Hobbies & Talents: Fighting, acting annoying (like a know it all)

Weaknesses: Large crowds (includes loud noises), being around women (lol), being caught off guard (if that happens he is virtually defenseless), being too nervous (this tends to make him wimpy), any extremely hot temperatures

Personal Facts
Friends: Skyler, Zach, Kyle, Rosuto, Scar
Enemies: Anyone that gets in his way, Wolf O'Donnell, Akuma Kumori
Known relatives: Crystal Arrow [Mother | Alive] Wolf O'Donnell [Father | Alive]
Likes: Machines, computers, star ships etc. pizza, types of juice, soda, mozzarella cheese
Dislikes: Evil, bratty people, cheddar cheese, vegetables
Gourmet of choice: Pizza
Beverages of choice: Coke
Favorite color(s): Blue, black

Personality: Ookami is a kind, caring, serious, intelligent, and manipulative Wolf. He has a VERY short temper and he gets insulted easily. He hates to be told what to do and he can be a real wimp sometimes. But on most occasions he's very strict.

Physical Appearance
Main Color: Light Gray
Skin Color (i.e. muzzle, inside ears): Dark Gray
Eye Color: Purple
Hair/Quill Style: He has a Mohawk in the middle of his head like Wolf, only it's a bit longer. His back hair is long too, but not too long.
Nose: Black
Tips of Ears: Dark gray
Tail: Light gray
Tip of Tail: Dark gray
Other bodily features: A scar on right eye, a hole on each ear (from past battles, also the reason why his hearing is bad)

Attire: See [link] for uniform reference. Over his left eye there is a green HMD (scouter), the part that it's attached on to wraps around the back of his head. This can allow him to scan unfamiliar lifeforms, or lock onto enemies if he is about to shoot with a gun. He also has red gloves with golden parts above it. There is a red glowing swirl(ish) shape in the middle of the gold and red part. That allows him to scan unknown material, check the time, date, location in the universe, and it also improves his psychokinesis powers. It glows cyan when he is using this power. He has a golden belt with glowing red parts, black boots with golden and glowing red parts. Both the belt and boots glow cyan when he's using psychokinesis power like his gloves.

Items & Weapons: Plasma Guns, Uzi, Sniper Rifle, Brown Staff, and a Long Samurai Sword

Vehicles: Speeder - He drives this around when he needs to get to a far location in space or anywhere else. It can also turn into a car that can glide or go on land at high speeds.

Team Wolf

Position: Leader
Other Members: Skyler Phoenix, Kyle O'Sama, and Zach Delfino
Purpose: The team consists on traveling in time, but mostly just fighting the galaxy against Team Star Wolf. On other occasions there can be other villains from outer galaxies or dimensions.

Main Theme Song: "My Heart is a Fist" - Papa Roach
2nd Theme: "Start the Machine" - Angels and Airwaves
3rd Theme: "The Great Destroyer" - Nine Inch Nails
Battle Theme: "Ordinary" - 1000 Foot Krutch

History: Ever since Ookami was young he's always been a wiz at mechanics and other technical materials. His biggest enjoyments were learning about outer space and star ships. He loved to research the organization known as Starfleet and wished he could be apart of it some day. His waiting soon ended when he was old enough to join Star Wolf. At his young age he was unaware of what they were assigned to do, until one day. He finally found out 2 years later that Star Wolf was on. what he calls, the dark side. He quit Star Wolf and gained an uneasy hatred for his father Wolf O'Donnell. Ookami then decided to get more involved with this "fighting business" so he took jujitsu classes and soon after that joined the military. After graduating from the Military, which was at age 10. He finally decided to join Starfleet, he then graduated around his mid teens (15-16). By his early 19s he became the Captain of the starship U.S.S Voyager.

After a few years of traveling the galaxy he formed a team called Team Wolf with a few of his shipmates. Including Commander Skyler Phoenix, Lieutenant Kyal O'Sama, and Jr. Lieutenant Zach Delfino. From there Ookami and Team Wolf have been constantly battling against Team Star Wolf. But not only do they battle in their present time but they also travel back in time to prevent utter disaster in the future. They've met many Starfleet legends along their way such as Jean-Luc Picard and Kathryn Janeway (A past Captain of Voyager).


EDIT: If you're wondering I kinda made my own Star trek uniform. He lives in the 31st century (4000) I think... I'm bad at math so don't hurt me if I'm wrong lol So I made my own Star Trek: Voyager 31st century uniform. DUH DUH DUH DAAAAA!!!!..... Meh, I thought I should add some creativity....
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