Deathwish Picture

[b]Super Villain name:[/b] Deathwish
[b]Age:[/b] 25 legally. 300 In actuality, having been born in 1710
[b]Sex[/b] Male
[b]Height:[/b] 6'3"
[b]Weight:[/b] 169lbs
[i]Out of costume: [/i]
His skin is fair, or rather would be if not for the collection of scars amassing his body which he covers with long sleeved coats and pants. His hair is a messy auburn that curls slightly and is of medium length. His left eye is a deep green that resembles jade, the other is gray and cloudy, currently blind. He dresses in clearance sale suits and walks with an unadorned cane to support himself.

[i]In costume: [/i]
A tall, lithe man with a black mask adorned with a single white spade over the left eye and gear quite similar to that of S.W.A.T. team members; including a heavy Kevlar vest for protection. Beneath this he wears a high-collared white button-up shirt with long sleeves and baggy black cargo pants of a military fashion.
[b]Secret Identity:[/b] Wyatt Donovan
[b]Theme:[/b] Deathwish' powers are based upon Celtic mythology, and his costume and name are a bit of a slap in the face to she who granted him his abilities, or so he claims.
[b]Icon:[/b] A single white spade, the symbol of death, adorning the left eye-side of his mask.
[b]Territory:[/b] New York.
[b]Day job:[/b] The owner of 'Donovan's Pawn Shop' in Union City, NY.
[i]Curse of Brigid;[/i]
[u]Immortality-[/u]Deathwish is completely incapable of death for no scientifically explainable reason. No matter the extent of damage he will always return to life, and eventually, to perfection. The more damage he sustains, it would seem, the faster he heals. As such it is suggested by both the police and those superheroes who have survived fighting with him that one should flee if they come into contact with him. Barring that they should attempt to subdue him quickly and with crippling, albeit non-mortal wounds.
[u]Skill in warfare-[/u]Deathwish has an inherent knowledge of how things work on the battlefield. In an instant he can acquaint himself with nearly any weapon, although in a quest to be more sporting he ignores most. Through training and hard labor he has honed his body to the utmost limits of physical perfection over the past 300 years, and knows how to handle himself aptly in a fight. He has a high-learning curve when it comes to combat and can read an opponents movements well enough that he can often defeat those who far outclass him in speed or power simply by waiting for the right moment to strike
[i]The fabled blade Fragarach;[/i]
In a recent journey to his homeland of Ireland Deathwish came into possession of an enchanted blade known in myth as 'Fragarach'. This blade is fabled to give it's wielder power over the wind and to be able to cut through anything. While as such the FULL extent of it's abilities are unknown what has held true is that since coming into contact with it the criminal has become a far more dangerous threat; being raised from Street Level to Block Buster threat level.
[b]Tier:[/b] Block Buster; although the NAIC has thought about granting him his own classification, as the amount of deaths and property damage he causes are estimated to far outstrip even the Humanoid Disaster category over time...
Wyatt Donovan was born to a common farming family in Galway, Ireland in the year 1710 and had a rather uneventful childhood. At the age of 18 in 1728 he and Erin, his lady love set off to find a place to settle down and make a life for themselves. However; on the road they were set upon by a murderous band of bandits who killed Erin and left Wyatt at death's door.

This act was witnessed by Brigid; the celtic goddess of Excellence.
While Wyatt was a frail young man and showed no outward signs of excellence she took pity on him and found he had an excellent heart which was broken over the loss of his love. Rather than allowing him to die on the roadside Brigid healed him, and began to leave.
However; as Erin had already passed she was unable to do anything for the young woman. The goddess tried to calm him, but Wyatt dropped to his knees and begged her for the power to avenge his lost love. For the ability to set right the wrongs that had been done to him. Brigid granted him three things that day. Immortality. Skill in warfare. And the wisdom that his vengeance would not bring him happiness.

The first two he accepted gratefully, the last he overlooked and ignored, refusing to believe it. He hunted down those who had taken Erin from him and one by one he put an end to them. Still; on his own he was not strong enough to take them all on. He was beaten, bloodied, and bruised to the point of death time and again and those he had left alive would flee, but no matter the extent of his injuries Wyatt could not die, and in time he would find and eliminate all those who had wronged him. For five years he hunted them, and when he was done the goddess' wisdom rang true.
He found himself having grown cold to the world and became empty, sad, and weary of life. However; he could no longer find Brigid to ask her to relieve him of the gifts she had granted and was forced to live out his eternal life without the woman he loved.

At age twenty-five he re-emerged in Galway and set up a home for himself alone, his darling Erin gone. He stayed there for a time, ruling over a rather large area of land outside the city.
In 1894 he immigrated to Ellis Island and ended up with a job as a tax collector within a few months of his arrival, spending the time between living on the streets and building up a bit of influence as a low ranking mafioso.

In the early 1900's he took part in World War I. After a heated dispute his entire platoon save for his captain wound up dead, himself included. They never even made it into any heavy combat ones, he ended up killing them one by one and repeatedly being 'killed' in self-defense out of boredom and misconstrued slights. It was after he was shot in the head by his commanding officer that his death was made official. The captain returned home and told his tale only to be shut away in an asylum where he would live and eventually die without knowing that the next day Wyatt was well once more.

Later on he returned to America; using money and murder to have new paperwork done up that backed his existence and allowed him to re-enter society. He joined the mafia and ended up heading his own gang in the heart of New York.
In the 70's he joined the police force, and was one of their most competent officers; mostly because he already knew from association who was who in the criminal world. The members of his gang were killed and any who knew of his association with the mafia were arrested or dealt with similarly.

Again refreshing his identity in the 2000's through less than legal means Mr. Donovan owns a small pawn shop that houses a collection of goods far surpassing that of the most avid collector. Goods directly picked from the pockets of stars and crime-lords over the last three hundred years are sold to an unsuspecting populace and allows him to live a comfortable, though not outright wealthy life.
Those goods which are too shady to sell in his store are sold on the black market and keep him in good with the criminal underworld; as well as the cops he's able to pay off with his income.

Recently just living forever has become.. boring. In 2001 he donned a mask and undertook the moniker 'Deathwish' and that year was tied to seventeen bank heists, six(known) murders, and multiple armed robberies. Not to mention a multitude of crimes he's yet to be accused for. After a few months as a masked villain however it became dull and droll once more and he returned to his daily life.

For a few years he watched the news as superheroes and villains seemed to become progressively more powerful. This one could crush a man's head with one hand. That one could lay waste to a block with a single breath. And then she came...

Galaxy Girl.
The worlds first humanoid disaster.
How could he possibly resist such a challenge?
A foe strong enough that it would be almost impossible to beat her; and better yet she was the strongest known being in existence. She may be the one to bring him to his end.

Unfortunately after their first encounter in 2008 the criminal by the moniker of Deathwish was not dead. Physically he was hurt, but he had been more-so. Then came the NEW prison. A place built specifically for people like him. A cell built specifically for HIM. Encased in a sarcophagus-like metal husk and shut off from the world. No sight, for they had covered his eyes. No movement, for they had bound him tightly. And worst of all, most maddening for the immortal, no change. The only opening in his prison a pinpoint sized hole through which a needle injected needed nutrients into his stomach. No-one came to check on him. No-one spoke. No-one moved. The boredom was more excruciating than any of his deaths. It went on for 8 months in that hellish place.

Th exact details of his escape are still argued. What is known for certain is that seven guards were killed with the needle that had kept him from wasting away during his incarceration.

After his escape the villain was on the run, fleeing to his homeland. Ireland. A few months away should be more than enough, after all, they hadn't gotten his identity, hadn't taken off his mask. He'd seen to that by biting off the fingers of the first officer that made the attempt. After that they didn't even care anymore. They wanted him dead or locked up, and who he was be damned. Returning home was a rush of nostalgia and a welcome change from tedium. Slowly he recovered his mental faculties. Slowly he regained his strength.

It was then that he set out on a quest for vengeance.
As things stood the humanoid disaster was far too powerful a foe for him. While in the beginning that had been the point he found that being beaten outright was far less satisfying than fighting on a closer tier... In fact; it was infuriating being able to do so little to defend himself. He still craved death; still idly listened for rumors of the goddess Brigid, hoping to have her take her curse. But now a new hunger filled him, a new desire. The desire for revenge.. Once before he had sated himself on revenge and been left empty. But this time was different. This time he had already lost everything he cared about. This time he wouldn't just be defeating those who had done him wrong, he would be regaining his pride. This time he would profit from victory, certainly.

Thus began his search. Brigid was real, she had to be for him to have survived so long. And if she was real what other treasures and wonders of Celtic lore still clung to Ireland? Rumors, myths, legends. He pored over book after book, bribed and harassed and conned storytellers to part with what they knew or what they had made up. And so it was that one rumor ran true. That one myth had not faded away from his home. One artifact still remain intact. Fragarach.

The blade was lost deep in the hills, far beyond what any mortal man could endure. For a month he dug and and toiled beneath the earth. He battled with nasty creatures, starvation and exhaustion on a daily basis until at last he came to a tomb. Breaking into it was a simple matter. The blade was centuries old, yet it still shone like new. An unparalleled weapon, not simply for it's sharpness and durability, but for the unnatural power that hummed within.

Try as he might nothing had broken it, nothing had dulled it's edge, or scratched it's surface. The metal was flawless. Exactly what he needed. No matter what he attempted to cut it slid through it as though it were passing through the air itself. As fabled it seemed to cut through anything. And further still there was at least a little truth to the other tales about the blade. The wind was not at his beck and call as the stories would have you believe, but it did become his ally. He found that when he ran the wind was always at his back, when he leapt the air seemed to carry him further than before, and in some instances where he attempted to use the blade with full force... Well; let us summarize by saying his soon to be revised BlockBuster status was not in error.

But a sword would never go unnoticed in the states, and as such he had to come up with a plan. The World Championship Blacksmiths'farrier Competition in Calgary was an interesting show to say the least. It staged the finest smiths of the modern era, and it was to one of them he would entrust the reforging of the blade. The trip had been simple enough and he had managed through less than legal means to pass the blade through customs. The contest's champion was younger than he would have expected, but after watching him work at the forge he was more than willing to pass over the blade.. for a time. Another four months he was out of action as the blacksmith tried every trick he knew to melt down the blade and re-forge it into it's new shape. The fire never seemed hot enough; and he broke many a good tool in the re-making, but after a time it was almost as though the blade sensed it was undergoing a rebirth rather than a destruction and allowed itself to be changed.

What came from the transaction was a simple walking-cane with no adornments or intricate carvings. And within the enchanted steel had been folded and heated and hammered into a thin blade, hidden completely save for a tiny slit where the cane would come apart as a sheath and handle. The smith had worked hard and in respect for the fine work he had done Wyatt rewarded him handsomely; giving him a regal sum in stolen cash and what remained of the blade's former self to do with as he pleased.

A year and a half had passed since Deathwish first battled Galaxy Girl.
It was now 2010 and as he returned to America, to his home in New York, he found himself filled with excitement.
In the few weeks since his return Deathwish has been responsible for one rather impressive bank robbery, thirteen counts of murder, thirty-seven counts of major property damage, and the arson of a home belonging to the prosecutor in the case that sent him to prison.
Stories of his new power, and the sheer amount of destruction he's managed to inflict in a mere two weeks have lead to the NAIC upping his status from Street Level to Block Buster.
Since his return a few of the Street Level Heroes who fought him back in the early 2000s have simply gone missing after assumedly seeking to cease his villainy and return him to prison.
Two Block-Buster level heroes claim to have encountered him since his return, but in both cases he managed to escape(albeit not unscathed) and cause a decent amount of damage in his retreat.

While he certainly is looking to settle the score with Galaxy Girl he's wise enough not to strike right away, knowing that while he may have become stronger he's still not on her level. For the moment he bides his time, taking down lesser heroes and building an empire of money and influence. Waiting for the heroine to show a moment of weakness, and taking pleasure in life once more as he grows in infamy.
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