Poachratcherous Picture

Poachratcherous the Perfidious Mortal-Filcher


Poachratcherous is a gigantic therapsid rat Demon God who was renowned for being an incredibly skilled poacher of sorts. He is also a patron Demon God of some rodent-like demons such as the Glaberats. In the far off distant past, he preyed upon ancient Mayan-like civilizations. He was a great hunter capable of all sorts of tracking and trapping tactics. He was capable of hunting down and capturing practically anything or anyone with the utmost stealth and skill. For such prowess, he was often summoned by all sorts of unscrupulous individuals. Among such individuals included poachers like Poachratcherous himself, dirty old men, and dishonorable warriors to name a few. For summoning him via very cruel and dark rituals, he promised to lend them his poaching services to hunt down whatever their hearts so desired. Whether it be an animal, animal-related, a nubile maiden, or just a plain old enemy, he guaranteed that there wasn't anything he couldn't hunt down and capture for them. True to his word and his skills, he was capable of fulfilling whatever was asked from him with the utmost efficiency and discretion. For that his services were sometimes repeatedly called upon by these foulest of individuals again and again.

While Poachratcherous had great poaching skills and he was always able to fulfill whatever was requested from him, he was not somebody to be trusted completely, as if being a Demon God wasn't a clue enough. For besides being renowned as a skilled poacher, he was also renowned for being somewhat of a chronic backstabber. Although he would always fulfill the wishes of whoever summoned him, he would however always find a way to betray their trust. Whether it be placing carefully planted damning evidence that would eventually surface for all to see, making sure the right authorities were in the right place and at the right time, or just plain outright revealing to all of the transaction that was partaken, he would always betray those who summoned him, often at times with himself completely excluded from the blame. For extra treacherousness, he was also not above from tainting the very goods that were requested of him if given the chance. He would do things such as poisoning animals he captured, giving sexually transmitted diseases to the women he caught, and other such vile acts, all before delivering them under the guise that they were in mint condition. He would always find a way to royally screw over those who summoned him in whatever manner he could think of. This was a very well wide known fact and those who were ignorant of it were the ones to pay for it the most. However despite Poachratcherous' traitorous reputation, his services were always called upon again due to the mortal fickleness of the particular ancient cultures he preyed upon. Although, it was also due to several distorted truths Poachratcherous often secretly spread around.

Poachratcherous' treacherous nature did not only just involve mortals but also extended to other immortals as well. He would often betray immortals both noble and dark in all sorts of despicable ways regardless of who got hurt. He was that much of a traitorous being. However, why did he like to betray everyone so much in the first place? Well, there wasn't any real reason. It was simply because he was a Class A jerkass. For that reason alone, he plagued the universe for untold millennia. That was until the Titanomachy happened.

When the primordial war happened, he was forced by powers greater than him to destroy everything. While he had no choice but to do so, what happened to Poachratcherous during the war was rather ironic. In what was clearly overdue karma, Poachratcherous himself was betrayed. During one of the battles within the war, he was taken down by the opposition. Not wanting to be captured, he called for help from another Demon God that he was apparently in an intimate relationship with at the time. However rather than save him, the other Demon God instead gave the single most trollish face
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