Pandora Academy: Fenrir Dalgaard Picture

Quote: "Um, pardon me?"

Name: Fenrir Dalgaard

Nickname: Fen

Age: 17

Dorm: Diamond Dorm

Year: Second Year

Gender: Male

Club/Sport: Literature Club (Hopefully President if no other applications? VP would be great also!

Item: A single earing used to control his telekenisis

Ability Type: Magic: Telekenisis

Ability Description: Telekenis: The ability to move and control objects with your mind. Fen doesn't have the best control over his powers and can range from very strong to very weak depending on his emotions. He can lift, move and direct different objects or even creatures. He unforunatly get's emense headaches from it, even sometimes when he doesn't use it

Likes: Books, Reading, Writing, Fall, Summer, The outdoors, Animals, High places, Music, Running, Camping, Hiking, sleeping
Dislikes: Spicy food, Small spaces, Trouble, urban areas

Personality: Fen appears very happy and pleasent around most students, and is a very relaxed person and often sarcastic. He enjoys spending his time in the quite but also loves spending time with his friends and is a very social student. He's smart and well behaved although a little shy and awkward at times. He's very dedicated to his study and spends lots of his time out of class trying to control his ability, although still has lots of trouble with it. He's kind but is strongly lead by his emotions, doing what he thinks is right even when it gets him or others in trouble. He can be rather dense at times as well and has trouble understanding other peoples point of view. He often drifts into his own thoughts and thinks about his past, and his parents death, harboring a sense of guilt.

(sorry really bad!)
Fenrir grew up within a large and traditional family in Norway. His grandfather named him after the Fenrir wolf from Norse Mythology after deeming him a bad omen when his twin brother died before birth. He grew up nurtured and well loved by his parents but shunned and mistreated by the rest of his family. He had little interaction with other people before getting enrolled into the academy. His parents homeschooled him and lived at the family estate with only a few other kids near his age. He ended up spending much of his time in the large family library and found a life within the novels and information he read and learned. He also found a home in the wilderness near his home, he would often spend weeks at a time camping out in the forest.
One day some of his relatives stopped by his home to talk to his parents and told him to go to his room. He instead hid behind door and listened in on the conversations. They brought up the idea of enrolling him in the Academy. He expected his parents to firmly dissagree but soon learned it had been their goal all along to send if off to boarding school. Upset and hurt he ran into the mountains, hiding for the next week in the woodlands. The day he returned he learned that both of his parents had gone out looking for him with no supplies but neither had returned and had most likely died during a blizzard that had passed the first day. His family treated him as their murderer, a selfish brat who hurt everyone he touched. His grandfather immediantly sent him to the Academy.

Preferred Roleplay Method: Paragraph

Roleplay Example:
Fenrir sat against the cold wall behind the dorm building. "Stupid." He wispered as he ran his hands through his hair and tucked his head between his knees. "They're never coming back" He let out a tense sigh. He knew he needed to change the subject, he needed to think about something else otherwise he'd just feel worse. But it was hard, hard forgetting everything that happened. He scrubbed his eyes and looked out across the way, the cool breeze was blowing the branches of the trees causing the sunlight on the ground to speckle. He loved the effect it had, with the shimmering lights dancing across the ground. He helped himself off the ground and streched. "It's probably about time from dinner, time to get moving" Hopefully no one would notice the red in his eyes.

Fenrir: *Sits down on the front steps of the main building* "Ugh I can't believe I almost forgot to study last night..."

Voice: (Eric - Little Mermaid)

-he loves Romantic Era Novels
-he's a lot like Kazuhaya from Kimi Ni Todoke? (realized it after watching it today!)
-his favorite drink is celery soda
-he can't swim
-he's allergic to cats but loves them anyways
-he's more of a dog person though
-he also adores mythology of any sort

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