Casey Sabers Profile Picture

Full Name: Casey Sabers
Gender: Female
Current Age: Reserected after 42 million years; unknown current age
Species: Sabertooth cat
Ability Type: Speed
Specialty: Making the best of any situation
Personality: Jovial, optimistic, hyper, naive, fearless, easily distracted... very much
Likes: Being herself, raving with friends, thrills in life, helping others, singing kareoke
Dislikes: The idea of no freedom
Family: Considers all the mythical creatures in the world family
Friends: Flair (… ), Art (… ), Sasha (… ), Liza (… ), and all who party in the community
Enemies: Jail Keepers and bad cops
Crushes/Loves: Has a minor eye for Randall (… )
Important Details:
- In a hidden confinement which kept dangerous mythical creatures, she was resererected from a fossil by a paliantologist employee so the collection would grow. Not quite fitting in with this collection since she was prehistoric and not mythical, the specialists used her as the security for the myths since she shared rare hazardous traits and the staff would have her terminated if she refused the job. She acted serious on the job until she realized they were just other souls with a want for freedom. Because of this realization, every night after the staff would leave she would throw parties for the mythical creatures by opening cells, and raving with them. Wile doing her job, she befriended everyone in the jail, especially the ones in the cell right next to the security office which contained Art, Sasha, and and Liza. Her and Art because the closest of friends because she met him as such a downer. Over time, and after explaining her similar past of being hunted by cavemen as he did by Indian tribes, he became more optimistic.
- Wile working on the job, the specialists caught on that she was opening the cells and partying with the mythical creatures after hours. The staff attempted putting an end it it by sending her to a different prison so no one from the myth confinement could escape, find, and rescue her. The specialists also agreed to have her terminated the following day. This prison she was secluded in happened to be the same prison Randall was trying to escape at the time. She herself also attempted escape to get back to her friends and break them out. On the mission, the two ran into each other the same moment the alarms went off. With effort, She escaped with Randall's assistance. After bailing, the two then met up with Flair. When she introduced herself to Flair, she explained the situation about many innocent mythological creatures were being held captive in a confinement. Flair agreed to help by volunteering a happy to help Ginger (… ). In the middle of the night, Ginger used her senses to find the confinment and lure all myths out and back home in their rightful place. Art, Sasha, and Liza as well as herself joined the community after this event because for the first time in their lives, they feel welcomed. Later on through time, the confinement mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Rumor has it the other mythological creatures took it out after they were freed by Ginger.
- In these days, she spends her time being thrilled to be free, partying with her dear friends and hanging out with Randall whenever he sits alone so he can be less depressing. Her goal is to make him less serious about his life.
- She enjoys joking around by using her intimidating security shades and zipping her security jacket to mock seriousness.
- The stain on her sweats were from the chemicals that were used to reserect her from the fossil. She wears it as a reminder of being reborn.
Creator's Comments: Jeez I haven't done a profile in such a long time
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