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I finally got around to doing this...and of course, the things that influence me and my art will probably continue to change and evolve as time goes on. But for now, these are the major ones.

Dreams - A bit self-explanatory...I get a lot of ideas from my dreams (the ones I remember, anyway). In my dreams, I can see people, places, and things that I've never seen before, and I can watch the development of strange and interesting stories. They can be beautiful or macabre, serene or utterly violent - I may even revisit them, occasionally. It kind of makes me wonder what's really going on inside my brain, sometimes...

Mythology - Again, rather self-explanatory. I like learning about the legends and mythologies of different cultures around the world, as they can be rather interesting stories. There's quite a menagerie of characters and creatures as well.

Dragon Age - A more recent influence. I rather like this dark fantasy, which showcases political intrigue along with the monster-slaying action of fantasy rpg's. The characters are interesting and varied, and I find the world they live in equally intriguing. I also think it's interesting how the choices you make can alter the course of not only your character, but the world as well.

The Elder Scrolls - Another fantasy game I enjoy. I like how there are all these little quests and sub-plots going on in addition to the main plot, and occasionally they can cross over each other in rather interesting ways. I also like the variety found in the game - all the different races, items, characters, and choices - and the detail that goes into them. I also love how customizable the player's character can be.

Disney - Disney's stories and characters have stuck with me since I was a little kid. Fun and beautiful fairy tales with a touch of darkness in them - and some of the movies have more darkness in them than others, such as 'The Black Cauldron'. The characters are memorable, and the art and animation are very fluid and dynamic.

Terryl Whitlatch - A concept artist. She is an awesome creature designer who has done a lot of concept work for the 'Star Wars' movies. Need I say more?

Brian Froud - Another artist I like. For those of you who don't know him, he's the guy who did the concept art for 'The Dark Crystal' and 'The Labyrinth'. I love his paintings, and how he attempts to capture the 'life' of the subject, not just the image, even though the subject itself is from a fantasy world.

John Howe - One of my favorite artists, currently. He does absolutely amazing watercolors, creating fantasy images that can be beautiful or frightening, or both. He did concept art for 'The Lord of the Rings', among others, and he's done several book covers and illustrations. His watercolor paintings can look almost digital, sometimes - they're just that detailed and refined.

Studio Ghibli - I suspect a lot of people know about Studio Ghibli films. They're a fairly strong influence on me - I like the stories, the characters, the settings, and all the thought and detail that goes into them. They're not just cookie-cutter-creations.

Final Fantasy - A fairly major influence, I'd say. I love exploring the various worlds the Final Fantasy series has to offer, from the sea to the sky and everywhere in between. I like learning about the characters, and the things that make them who and what they are. Everyone has a story, even if we only really follow one character. I also love the amount of detail that goes into everything, and the designs of the characters, creatures, and worlds. It's a style that I happen to really love.

Cirque du Soleil - Another big influence. I love the visuals - the characters, the costumes, the acts/performances...and I love the music as well. I don't even have to try to get ideas when watching it or listening to it - my imagination just runs wild. A human can become an angel or a demon, a dragon or an insect, a statue or a flame. Many of my ideas have actually come to me as a result of this influence.

Nature - My biggest influence is actually just nature itself. There is just so much variety, so many different shapes, colors, and patterns to look at...I love deep sea life in particular, as the animals found there can be so beautiful and bizarre, with many of them having glowing or transparent bodies. Caves and forests are also points of interest for me. Just about anything in nature can serve as a source of inspiration at any given moment.

So there you have it. ^_^
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