Naga spacetrooper Picture

Funny the places one can find inspiration for drawings. Not long ago I heard Cliff (rcs619) make a witty comment about space nagas. That gave me an idea for a drawing. Here we have a "space naga".

This here pic is another one for my Cost of War series. A Naga soldier on some airless moon or planet somewhere in the galaxy. Naturally she's wearing a spacesuit (yes, it's a female Naga, if anyone was unable to tell).

In the Cost of War series, Nagas are genetically created hybrid beings created by the Titans to serve as soldiers. While they are used in ground troops, the Nagas' superfast reflexes means that there are also a fair number of them who are trained as aircraft fighter pilots (I'm not sure if there should be any spacecraft fighter pilots as well, as I'm not yet sure if any of the spacecraft in the series should even have pilots, or if they should instead rely on navigational computers).
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