L-PA: Claudia von Athena Jackson Application Picture


Name: Claudia von Athena Jackson (Prefers Athena)

Age: 25

Code: CJ – 9457

Gender: Female

Height: 5’11”

Department: Forensics

Claudia is a outgoing person who loves to talk but often gets embarrassed in certain situations. She's very easily excitable and can get emotional over the smallest things. She is carefree and when she wants to do something, she puts her heart and soul into it. If she doesn't, however, have an initiative to do it, she'll sit on it. She's friendly and tends to like people, but that depends. She likes to stick her nose in other people's businesses like "HEY I CAN HELP YOU SOLVE THIS PROBLEM."

Claudia comes from an Austrian Heritage. Her parents were archeologists whom very much enjoyed greek mythology and all sorts of historical figures. Her parents were happy people who believed in passing on their knowledge to their children. Claudia, however, had no interests in Greek or any other histories. Claudia's true passion was solving mysteries, after reading the Sherlock Holmes novels.

She grew up and went to college at Berkeley school of Law in California. She got extremely close to her diploma, but dropped out at the end of her third year, because she felt as if she wasn't challenged enough. She decided to try to solve cases on her own. She was sceptical of her deduction skills though, and decided to try to understand the science behind it instead. She met someone, named Monique, who said they could teach her forensics. She is currently still trying to improve her skills as a forensics and researcher.

Monique was a firm believer of the supernatural. A case in which Monique had to research and report about was a strange one, and Monique would tell Claudia all about these occurrences. Claudia, at first, was not sure if she should believe in the supernatural, but soon, after all these seemingly unsolvable cases, she started to accept the fact that supernatural beings may be at play.

She decided that this was a great time to increase her knowledge even more. Monique mentioned that there was a city where lots of supernatural things occur, and Claudia took it upon herself to check it out, as Monique had a job to do and that's what friends are for. It took her some time, but she found the city, Indenvale, and was lucky enough to get herself a job at a nice place called Litetower. They were in need of Researchers after all, and Claudia knew that she could help, earn money, and improve her own skills.

Additional Information:
Claudia was born to Austrian parents. Her name naturally derives from Greek. Claudia has 2 siblings, a younger sister and an even younger brother. They all grew up together around California. During Claudia's teen years she had Greek mythology and history shoved on her from her parents, but ever since her toddler years she's had a fascination in mysteries and the solving of them.

Claudia grew up in a middle class family; never too much money, but never too little. As her parents would never let Claudia become a detective, she convinced them into letting her become a lawyer. It required History, which she insisted was actually ~Greek History~ thus convincing her parents, when what she was really doing was analysing giving materials and sources, similar to the way a detective might. She enrolled for many a top universities for Law and got into many. Overall she decided to stay in California regardless and went to the Berkley School of Law.

After coming close to her diploma but ultimately dropping it, she started to doubt her deduction skills and that's when she met Monique. Monique was introduced to Claudia by her room mate from college. Monique had recently been investigating other occurrences. Claudia soon became friends with Monique whom offered her services to teach Claudia about the supernatural.

Monique's endeavours to convince Claudia of the supernatural were quite extreme as they got to the point of taking Claudia on jobs to search for evidence of supernatural presence. After abit of that, Claudia was not only scared; she was excited and curious and really wanted to dwell deeper into the nature of the Supernatural.

• MacBook Pro (15 Inch)
• Blackberry
• Men’s document case/ laptop bag
• Canon G12

• She always carries her camera with her.
• Her parents were archaeologists and an obsession with Greece and it history, giving Claudia her name.
• Seems to enjoy wearing men's clothing
• She finds it calming to arrange flowers, it's almost an OCD, so don't mess them flowers up.


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