Asayake- vague PotC referance Picture

OMG! It's EMP! Call the fire department! lol It HAS been some time, eh dA?

well you're probably wondering to yourself, 'Self, where's Empy been?' Well I've been in school. Taking exams. And I've been grounded.... And playing my Wii. (Bleach: Shattered Blade is shoulder wrenchingly fun ^^)
Now you're thinking "Well that's all fine and good but whose the purple fella?"
Why that's Chuu-san, sillies XD He's one of the main characters from my manga idea Asayake.
".... What's this Asayake thing?"
Asayake is an idea for a manga i got some time ago. It's based on Greek Norse and Christian mythology. For you Norse mythology savvy people, Chuu takes the place of Búri, the first god.
And Chuu's my drawing whore. I can't stop drawing the guy.
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