Ariona Delfin reference sheet Picture

So I finally drew Ariona without a base in MS paint :^) look at how cool I am. I did use bases for the side pictures but the three largest pictures I did not use a base/reference for. I tried to make it look like the actual Homestuck style but with my own spin on it.

I've decided that she will not actually begin with a hat, because she really has no reason to wear it. But my human Esma will be wearing the panda hat and eventually she looses it and Ariona picks it up and wears it instead of giving it back.


Name: Ariona Delfin (pronounced Air-ee-o-nah Del-fen)
Ariona comes from the name Arion. Arion was a poet who was saved from drowning by a dolphin in Greek mythology.
Delfin comes from the word Delfini, which means "dolphin" in Greek.

God Tier (title): Maid of Void
Void players have "an essence of lacking" and distance themselves from others by putting up walls and busying themselves with something else.
Ariona puts dance between her and other people to keep her distance. She is basically made (maid) of dance (her void).
(canon examples: Roxy - drinking. Horuss - happiness. Equius - hemospectrum.)

Chumhandle (trolltag): aquaticCoryphee [AC]

Gender: female

Age: 6 sweeps (13 earth years)

Dream: Prospit and Derse - (needs to be drawn)

Lusus: dolphin, "Delfino"
Lusus's death: suffocated from being tangled in seaweed

Blood color: deep raspberry // rose (… )

Strife Specibus (weapon): shoekind - 1) shoe nunchucks- pointe shoes tied together by the lace she flings around to hit people with. Pointe shoes can actually be quite painful.

Fetch modus: dance bag (basically unorganized and you have to dig around to find shit)

Symbol: yin/yang (Zodiac: picses)

Planet: Land of Points and Duality

Points is a reference to Pointe Shoes, a kind of ballet shoes. Duality relates back to the idea of her being a pisces and also is the explanation for why there's black and white tiles and mirrors every.

Dream: Prospit…

Denizen: Hemera

Typing quirk: uses (S) in place of S (both capital and lowercase)
(S) represents yin/yang sign

Interests/hobbies/likes: dancing (mostly contemporary, jazz and pole dancing [not stripping]), gymnastics, fantasy books, mythology and roleplaying

Personality: She tries to be nice but usually comes off as sarcastic and sometimes, rude. She doesn't care as much as she claims she does sometimes.

In the beginning she starts out happy and bubbly, not caring about anything. But throughout the sweeps, she's been hurt a lot and decided to shut everyone out and reject all potential relationships coming her way.
To put things in her actual perspective: "I always thought I could trust everyone. That things would always be happy. But you know if you're too open, people can target and destroy you. It's happened to me twice, almost a third. No one really listens to me when I need someone so I found it easier to just avoid everyone. If I kept my distance no troll would know anything is wrong. I started doing what the humans call 'self harming.' It felt good at first but I talked things over with myself and tried to stop. Some of my roleplay buddies had discovered my ancestor was into dancing, so I tried it myself. Dancing was that way I could let out my feelings and no one would have to know what it meant, with all of those spins and leaps."


Banije Usagie - moirail (deceased)
Tempra Callis - flushed crush (unrequited)
Persus Saedon - ex-matesprit (unrequited by Persus), kismesis
Leptom Ashmen - possible auspice?

The Danseuse - Ancestor
Josher Delfin - Dancestor

Nozomi Lendra and Sepren Hopini - roleplaying friends

Art and Ariona Delfin (c) me
Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie

Homestuck fan troll creator -…
Maid of Void base -…
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