Miniloki Jumper Picture

Exactly what it says on the tin! Miniloki [link] in a jumper!
(That's a sweater to you americans. One of the few times your word is the more logical one! OURS STILL SOUNDS COOLER)
Sigyn knitted it for him and he is full of much squee~ She resisted the temptation to embroider "Siggywig wuvs Lolo" on it, which is a shame cos he would have loved that XD (He's very much the mushy hubby who can't comprehend the concept of pet names being embarrassing in public.)

Decided to try and draw a lil something everyday to get back in the game after that long art block. NO MATTER HOW RANDOM AND POINTLESS! Forgive me if stuff is a bit below standard quality until I get back to usual skill... I seem to forget everything very fast when I get out of practise.
Oh and the lineart is kinda bad here cos my scanner is playing up a bit. I need to fool around in the options menus...

I've been redesigning this form a little to increase the uglycute. Ears are a bit bigger, more squidgey body shape, eyes further apart and mouth in between em for maximum HERPLEDERP! But probably the most noticeable thing is just that his horns are pure red now cos I thought the old multi shadey thing looked too much like mouldy toothpaste.
Oh and now he completely lacks his mouth scars here. Real life justification: hard to draw em when his mouth is so tiny and usually in :3 face. In-story justification: he CAN shapeshift his face-gross away but it requires constant concentration and is usually quite painful. (Whereas the scars themselves are long healed and don't hurt at all.) It's easiest in this form because it's his oldest one, older even than the humanoid form he got scarred in and most frequently used out of em all. So his 'shift memory' lacks the scars in the first place and they won't pop up unless someone reminds him. His mouth is still kinda numb and weird as if the scars existed, cos he's pretty much forgotten how to chew normally since getting his face torn open
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