Narcissus - Surrealism Picture

Okay, a little explanation for this one. The story of Narcissus (for those of you who don't know) is about a man in Greek mythology who was so beautiful that he was cursed by a jealous goddess to only be able to love someone as beautiful as he was. (at least, this is the version I've heard, there are probably multiple versions)

Well, he caught sight of his own reflection and instantly fell in love with the image. Based on the version, he either stayed staring at his reflection until he starved to death or he tried to grab himself and fell into the water and drowned. Either way, the goddesses wept at the loss of something so beautiful and made flowers grow in the place where he'd died.

This is the Narcissus flower-- many of it's varients commonly called daffodils. The point behind this image is that the flowers are bending down over the water, longing for the day that they were once human.


Carvaggio's Narcissus

The entire fall '07 semester painting course I took was spent doing different versions of the same painting by an old master. (well, okay, it just had to be pre 1900) I chose this after making the mistake of assuming that "artist" meant 'artist' and not '
[link] - Assignment 1 was to do a grayscale copy of the painting.
[link] - Assignment 2 was to a color copy.
[link] - Assignment 3 a Cubism version.
Assignment 4 a Surrealism version.
[link] - Assignment 5 a Collage version.
and Assignment 6 was an assemblage.

22x30 inches, acrylic paint.
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