Daphne... Picture

Daphne, a Nymph of Greek Mythology. Her story goes (or at least one version does) that the nymph was chased by the Greek God Apollo, he was infatuated with her after being struck by an arrow of Eros. Eros shot Apollo with an arrow of Affection for insulting his Archery Skills (so Apollo stuck his own foot in it basically) and in some stories Eros shot Daphne with an arrow that made her repulsed by Apollo’s overwhelming love for her. So Daphne ran until she was ragged and too exhausted to carry on and Apollo still chased her. So she did one thing a Girl in a heap of trouble could… She cried out for her Father, A river God, to save her and no sooner had she asked her skin transformed to bark, her feet became rooted to the ground and her stretched out fingers became the branches; no longer a Nymph, she became a laurel tree. When Apollo saw this he was amazed, he promised her that she shall not whither and that laurel shall always be a symbol of him.

I was so inspired by the story. I loved the opposites in it; love/hate and land/water, so I tried to incorporate this in.
I also loved the relationship of Daphne and her Father, that she could call on him in her time of need (at the time I had been in a place where it was just me and my Dad and we were looking to each other for support) So it struck quite a cord with me.
So I put in the leaves in what is suppose to be a shell of Ice as her base and the fiery Autumn leaves as a sort of reference to the Father and Daughter relationship which from the waist up Daphne is seemingly growing out of reaching upward.

I hope you like this. =]

Made from an aweful lot of chicken Wire (I had scratches for weeks) Mod Roc, Tissue paper wallpaper paste, then Painted.
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