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This is a promise I made myself some time ago xD. I've studied Modern Art and Philosophy of Mass Culture, and I saw Nietszche, a famous german philosopher of the 19th. century.

For those who don't know him, I'll tell you it's a pain in the a** to understand him, but one you get him it's wonderful *_*.

In his most famous book, "Tragedy's Origin", he explains to us that escenses of the universe and art were made by two forces: Dionisius and Apollo. The first one gives us the muse, the creation, the impulse, the sexual power, the things you are by instinct; on the other hand, you have Apollo, whose mision is to take everything his lover/enemy gives him and transform it into elements that are ordered and have a form, that is to say, culture, painting, sculpture, writing, etc. As a result, one is the moral oh humankind and its advances, and the other one is the primal human, the animal, the potence.

The relationship is extreme: sometimes there're complement and love each other and sometimes they want to destroy the other side.

Based on Nietzsche, Modern Culture has put Apollo in first place and Modernism has almost banned Dionisius' forces, so the balance was destroyed... and that's why Modern Art is worse and less original than the First Art (Greek, Reainnasense, Barroque, etc.), it hasn't got creation; nowadays we haven't got a Movement that everyone follows, Vanguards have broken everything and we can chose little pieces of each movement (Eclepticism) or make experiments as Vanguardists. The point is that most of us didn't feel those historical changes so for us is almast a kind of weird and unimportant tale, but, remember that those facts made our culture and tastes!.

This is only a theory, but the greek part it was the one I have to remake you...

So, this is dedicated to my professor Nicolas Casullo who I think won't meet this pic but the world is little ... he tought me everythin about Nietszche,

And to
and to you! hope you like it!
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