Proserpine Sketches Picture

Version 1!

Okay, here's the story - the Latin Club's going to State Finals, where there are many contests to enter. I just joined the Art - Monochromatic section, which means I have to bring a (duh) monochromatic or black/white picture to State. And it has to be classically themed.

Werrrlll, a lot of Roman mythology takes place during the day, but monochromatic means no colors, so Iris (goddess of the rainbow) is right out. However, Pluto is a really great subject for black/white, because he's the god of the underworld. (Skip if you've heard this already...) But he's too boring for a portrait, so I decided to do him and his queen, Proserpine (or Persephone... same diff.).

The story is that Proserpine, goddess of spring, was kidnapped by Pluto because of her great beauty. He took her to the underworld to be his queen, but she was unhappy and refused to serve him. Meanwhile on Earth, Ceres, Proserpine's mother, wandered around looking for her. Seeing as Ceres was goddess of agriculture, when she was unhappy, the earth withered and died. Well, eventually Ceres found out about the whole kidnapping thing, and sent Mercury to fetch her daughter back. However, while Proserpine was in the underworld, she had eaten three seeds from a pomegranate in Pluto's garden. Therefore she had to stay in the underworld forever. But Ceres bargained with Pluto, and it was decided that Proserpine would stay underground three months out of the year (one for every seed). While this happens, Ceres becomes old and withered, and the earth is cold and dry. (ie, Winter.) Then when Proserpine returns to her mother, Ceres rejoices and Springtime arrives. Thus, the story of the seasons.

Here are my beginning sketches of Proserpine and Pluto (labelled in their Greek names, Persephone and Hades). The scene is when Pluto discovers her eating the pomegranate, and triumphs over Ceres (at least temporarily). Thought you might like to know. *waggles eyebrows*
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