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The past still remains a mystery. Many tales and heroes were forged but yet left unrecognized and remained unwritten. Tales like these are now known to us as legends.
There are many mysteries that shroud our world but none as mysterious as the tale of Seraphin.
The Earth as we all know has existed for millions of years. In truth, it has faced total destruction more than once due to Salra Depikion (Holy Judgement), a phenomena that cleanses the Earth from the impure. A phenomenon as such was decided by a council that oversees events among the heavens. The council composed of nine members. Two of the highest ranking members were Margulus and Dimitri, the left and right hand respectively.
Wandering the vast plains of Earth, Dimitri comes across a seal. A seal containing all the impurities of the world in a form of a sword called Gremar. Due to temptation and his lust for power, Dimitri breaks the seal and succumbs to the darkness. Upon knowing of the incident the council took action and Margulus the Avafar, a being that cannot die unless their hearts are destroyed, was the one who descended to Earth with his sword Celestia to slay the evil that dwells within the power hungry Dimitri. However Margulus’ mission came to a failure as he was overpowered by Dimitri’s strength. In the state of panic and anxiety, the council decided that it was once again time for Salra Depikion. Yes, Earth was once again born but evil was still amongst the shadows for the stronger the light is the bigger the shadow becomes. Dimitri was still around, hiding, and waiting for the right time to strike and spread terror among the hearts of people. Oblivious to the fact of Dimitri’s existence, the council disbanded. Heaven and Hell were formed and the people of Earth continued on of with their lives.
Time came to pass and once again the ascension of darkness was released from the shadows. Dimitri was back with vengeance in his mind and once again started to wreak havoc in Seraphin, an archipelago that composed of 17 unique islands. Due to a long period of hiding and as Gremar continues to consume Dimitri’s life force, he comes across the existence of the Lanten Tear (Heaven’s Tear), capable of rejuvenating his lost life force, which was made known to him by Daviana, his new wife .
Together they stormed the The Saint’s, manor of the reincarnated Margulus known as Marcus and Shiana, guardian of the Lanten Tear. The battle seemed hopeless. Dimitri and Daviana proved to be a force that was too much to handle. Upon Heaven’s grace, Kail, Riana, Mihkan and Pace, blessed with its power, were sent to combat Dimitri and prevent the use of the Lanten Tear for evil. At the cost of Marcus and Shiana’s lives, Dimitri and Daviana fell to their deaths. A new ray of hope was now lit for humanity’s future. However, darkness always manages to find a way to cling unto life and bend the rules of death. A curse was passed on to the new guardian of the Lanten Tear, Riana - a curse that will allow Dimitri to resurrect and once again and spread darkness sometime in the future. Believing that death was the answer, Riana came to the decision to kill herself. However, her efforts came to a failure for the only way to nullify such a devious curse was yes, to die but then afterwards live once again.
Five hundred and seventy-nine years have passed since the incident and Dimitri’s resurrection came close by. Once again heaven must prepare for the wrath of darkness. The souls of the great heroes and saviors of the past now live within their descendants, the new recipients of Heaven’s gift; the new generation that will save humanity.

Lamei Tayo
(Cold Island)

Situated in the far north of the continent, Lamei Tayo is one of the coldest places that one can ever visit. Covered with pristine white snow, children play and frolic as they enjoy the beautiful falling snow. Having almost nothing to see in the island except for the beautiful soft sunrise that can be witnessed rising from mountain valley which turns the clouds that it touches grayish purple, the beautiful aurora that comes out every night in the clear black sky, and spectacular meteor shower that appears annually in the month of Khelhani (December), many natives still flock to the island for the amazing frozen delicacies that it offers and its cold therapy which proved to purify the body from almost any illness. With these factors, Lamei Tayo is an island that has been ironically dubbed as a hotspot in Seraphin’s islands.

Lant Tayo
(Heaven Island)

Having situated near Lamei Tayo, Lant Tayo experiences snow occasionally which makes the island not too affected by summer and the hint of the aurora lights every night. This long island having two extension islands that looks like a halo is a peaceful island lush with many fruit trees which are considered to be the best in the country. With its vast plains and thick forest, the natives are at harmony with the flora and fauna. Just like any of the other islands, Lant Tayo has a temple that houses the islands healers. These healers are considered to be sacred thus there are only two healers that tend to the people. A special island as such is filled with beautiful lively melodies in the morning and gentle and soft melodies in the night by the talented locals. Most people that visit and leave this island feel at ease and free from tension.

Aypo Tayo
(Fire Island)

Contrary to Lamei Tayo, Aypo Tayo is the hottest island that can be visited in Seraphin. Despite the extreme hot weather, the island is still miraculously abundant with water, plants have adapted to the weather, and trees still are at a great mass. Shaped like a small emanating flame, the island is the one that has the biggest volcano---Emeganthe Aypo (Grand Flame) planted to it. With it, the island is constantly visited due to its relaxing hot springs and it provides Geothermal Energy to both the island itself and the neighboring islands. Cities are situated at the volcano’s foot and these cities are often restless due to constant partying. The most famous place to jam in the island is the Kumut Alala, a bar that is situated in an underground cave. Flowers may be rare but the island itself is considered the rarest.

Baquio Tayo
(Stormy Island)

The name of the island speaks for itself. Thunder clouds constantly appear and deliver rains of lightning bolts. With the lightning strikes threatening the locals, special towers were constructed to absorb the lightning which was converted to electricity many centennials ago. With the passing of time the, scorch marks that were left on the ground due to lightning bolts disappeared and gave room for plants and small vegetations to grow. Today, the island provides 35% of its collected energy to the rest of the islands. Having dark clouds that cover the sky, the weather becomes cool enough to produce a thick fog that gives the island an aerie feeling. Locals however look at this phenomenon as a means to entertain people. These are stored and are used for smoke tricks. The natives of this island are said to have an electric nature.

Haghima Tayo
(Wind Island)

Composing mostly of tall mountains, the natives of the island dwell among the plateaus seemingly almost reaching the heavens. In the habitat of these locals, windmills are made to provide wind energy to the island. With the many plateaus existing, Hanging Bridges were put to use to aid the people on their travels. A gust of strong winds is a constant, but for a people that were believed to be able to control the winds, locals and animals alike have nothing to worry about. Among the beautiful sky (that may vary in color) and clouds that shroud the mountain peaks, soar elegant birds of the island. Due to the strong winds, it’s only under thick groups of trees where small plant life can exist. Natives emerge daily from their fortified houses to praise the wind and predict its actions so it may bless them.

Impuyer Tayo
(Oblivion Island)

The island earned its name due to its savage and negative nature during the past. Despite the fact that the natives of the past had a brutish nature, locals of today strive hard to erase the dark memories. Residents are of good disposition, but it implies to be a mysterious one. The island has rocky mountain ranges to the north and flat plains down to the south. In the southern part of the island, domesticated animals are raised as food source for its people---which is reason that Impuyer Tayo provides the best and freshest meat within the whole country. Efforts of change might have been made by the people, but suspicion could never be avoided. The island has always experienced ominous and unexplainable events during the dead of the night; making people suspect of demons roaming about the area.

Filar Tayo
(Flower Island)

Described to be the most beautiful and graceful island among Seraphin due to the colorful pastures that its flowers emanate. Whenever the wind blows, petals soar among the skies and everyday feels like heaven to most people due to the sweet and relaxing aromas that run through the air and the spectacle of colorful butterflies fluttering about. Lush with greenery, Filar Tayo produces the best flowers and vegetables around country. With the infinite fields of flowers, beauty is added to the island during the sunrise and sunset since the sky turns into a calming purple and soft pink shade respectively. Residents were always described to be comforting and very hospitable. Throughout history until today it is believed that the island houses the Hidi Mala (Golden Miracle), a flower that guides lost souls back to Earth.

Tiloga Tayo
(Water Island)

Ponds, lakes, rivers, water caverns, hot springs, waterfalls or any water forms, are the wonders that the first main island of Tiloga Tayo offers. The island is 72% of water substance and 28% of land mass. Water in the island was described to be infinite due to fact that the island itself is somewhat a waterfall that pours its flowing grace out to the ocean because of the land’s elevated separation from the sea. As fishing became the main livelihood of the residents, the island’s marine life has always been considered as the best among other islands. The second island of Tiloga Tayo is where the people come to gather among the crystal blue waters of the white sandy beaches. Due to the water’s clarity, wonder is added whenever drops falling water glistens when kissed by the sun. Paradise, best describes the island.

Ethereal Tayo
(Exquisite Island)

Indeed, the island deserves a name as such considering that it is the most advanced island of Seraphin and is considered as a utopia of a society. Situated in the center of the country, Ethereal Tayo is the point of convergence; it is where economic boosts occur since the island is the place where most businesses flourish and are given birth to. The main attraction of the island is The Saint’s---manor of the deceased Marcus and Shiana Memento. Over the years since their death, the manor has been restored over and over for the tourists that visit. Grand as it may seem, a feeling of coldness could be felt because of the restless spirits (as locals would like put it). Ethereal Tayo holds a part of each of the different cultures of Seraphin. It is the ideal place to meet friends and experience life’s ultimate adventure.

Tayo so Nigip
(Isle of Dreams)

Unlike the other islands of Seraphin, Tayo so Nigip, has absolutely no inhabitants to house. Despite the fact that it’s deserted, many of the other islanders believe that in the island, wanders the children of nature or the creatures of mythology (e.g. Sirens, Fairies, Merfolk, etc.). It was put to their belief that in the past these creatures existed to either help or interfere with the lives of humans. Speculations say that these creatures were wiped out of existence during Dimitri’s reign of terror. Without scientific evidence to prove such theory, Tayo so Nigip, a very beautiful island, became a tourist spot. Rainbows constantly materialize to grace and entrance the island’s visitors. Many miraculous events occur in the island---these events are what make the people’s belief of such beings, stronger.
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