2H1W - Forgotten Experiment Picture

This is a scene from my Invader Zim Fan Fiction called 'Two Halves of One Whole'. The story focuses around an OC, but there is heavy IZ character interaction.

So this is Gaia, she is a genetic experiment of Zim's. When Zim plans to create a female clone of Dib and use her to destroy him he accidentally mixes his own DNA in with Dib's. This happens because Zim cuts his finger on the experiment tube's glass rim.

Now during the time Gaia is developing, Dib and Zim are leaving Middle Skool and entering High Skool. Zim can't help but notice all his peers growing up around him, and tries to figure out a way to adjust his own height so he can continue his mission without drawing attention to himself because of his height.

Recruiting Dib's help, the two are able to make Zim just below average height, but defiantly passable. However, one unexpected thing that occurs in the journey to fix Zim's height is that the two sworn enemies became good friends.

At this point Zim has forgotten all about this cloning experiment, and it isn't until his computer reminds him of it, that he remembers his diabolical plan. When he goes to check on the clone he finds more then he bargains for.

Ok, so about this picture. This is Gaia at the end of her gestation period. It took the normal 40 weeks for her to develop into a full baby/smeet.

This is the scene from my story when the computer has reminded Zim of his experiment and he goes to check on it. He is really quite thrown off when he sees a smeet instead of a baby.

So a little more information for you. Dib obviously finds out about Zim's experiment, and Zim at this point has no idea what to do with the smeet. Dib convinces Zim that they should keep her, and raise her. At first the two decide on a joint custody over Gaia, and Dib has her most of the time, but as time passes he starts to stay over at Zim's base more and more as Gaia gets older.

Dib also takes it upon himself to name her before Zim can, if he hadn't she may have very well ended up being named Splooge or Squishy or something, so Dib names her Gaia. Zim doesn't know what the name means until later, and at the time thinks it's fine only because he himself couldn't think of anything. *Side Note* For those of you who don't know, shame on you. The name Gaia comes from Greek mythology. Gaia is the Goddess of the Earth (Ironic huh?).

The story advances and mostly takes place later when Gaia is older. She feels out of place on Earth, and decides to leave her home and her two fathers behind to join the Irken military. She feels that if she is around others that look like her more than the humans do, that she will feel more at home. Oh, how wrong she is. Instead of fitting in, she is singled out and is taken advantage of.

Alright, I think that's everything I'm going to tell you for now. I hope this gets you all interested to read my story.

Invader Zim and all associated Characters belong to Jhonen Vasques
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