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So since I'm kinda behind of my comics I'm uploading this stuff while I'm in a place where the interenet is not always ready to tie you over.

My Personal Review of Thor:

Wow this is a late review, but overall I liked Thor. I never read the Thor comics and I use to own the first issue (in a book of all the main marvel character’s first issues) so I know the general idea of Thor at least when he started. That being said clearly the character has changed over the years so I can’t speak to the faithfulness of the adaptation. However like most have said in other reviews the first half is the better and more interesting part of the film. When I first heard about this and Kenneth Brannagh was announced as the director I was shocked since he’s most well-known for his Shakespeare films, but if there was anyone else better suited to direct it's him. The acting was all strong and as usual in movies Anthony Hopkins is always great to watch and you wish he was in it more. The action and special effects were all what you’d expect from this type of a movie. I went to see this film in 3-D and speaking as someone who hasn’t seen any movies in 3-D since this whole craze started it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting (given most other people’s comments on other film’s 3-D). The issues I had with the film is that the love story isn’t given much time to develop, the actors do a good job but when you consider this only takes place over a day and they don’t do anything that makes you believe a real relationship is starting. Also the character of the best friend who was clearly just there to be the “hip”, “relatable” comic relief wasn’t funny and worst of all was annoying, I wanted to see her get squashed by something. Also a weird technical detail was the overuse of the canted angle (slanted camera angle), it’s supposed to be used to represent that things are amiss, and works best used sparingly. The actor who played Loki was good however the way he was often shot made it so clear he was evil, I mean I know my basic comic history so I knew going in Loki would be the villain but I'm certain anyone who came in and knew nothing about the comics would have guessed that he was going to turn evil. Overall it was a fun experience and of course makes me all the more excited to see The Avengers.

Also about the casting controversy alluded to in this above comic, many people on the internet felt that a black actor shouldn’t be playing one of the Gods since this is Norse mythology and people up there at the time were almost all white. Now if this was trying to be an accurate depiction of the myths I may agree with them but the fact of the matter is for this kind of film it really doesn’t matter. And its strange no one seemed nearly as upset that an Asian actor was playing a God too. I’m against the idea of giving someone of color a job just to make it more P.C. and not casting the best actor you can get but I must say the actor did a great job Heimdall was one of my favorite characters in the film, so to any who complained about that…. SHUT UP!

I givie the film 4 stars out of 5, enjoy.

Thor is owned by Marvel studios and I guess also Disney now.

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