The Streets of Atlantis Picture

My next Epic Mickey art work is The Atlantis Ruins, based on the original Atlantis from Greek and Roman Mythology and the other one from the 2001 Disney Film, mixed with the elements of Wizard City and other places.

Where you made it to the city, and found it full of Spore, Looney Tunes and Sage characters, well in the legend. Atlantis is one of the biggest cities in the world, until the gods flooded the city and it's people. And also the lost city is full of wasteland versions of Kirby and Sesame Street characters. You meet Hellraptor, the king of Atlantis and he tell you a big army of Beetleworx invaded the city with a hit of Spatters, who are wearing a suit of Greek armor and the other botlings as well. So, defeat the beetleworx and the botlings, and Hellraptor thanks you for the help because he and his men was protecting the Atlantian citizens. Hellraptor tell the people of Atlantis it's ok to come out because the enemies are gone and hellraptor will open a project screen that have the Dr. Seuss Cartoon Collection for you and return to his castle, and you can go on the adventure to the end.

Is Atlantis is a myth, or it's real like in the classic old stories. Find out about it, if you can.

Up next: The Buffalo Demon himself

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