Green District: Greenlight Mix Picture

"Hidden behind the veneer of the everyday is a shadow world, a meta-world, the cloth from which ours is cut. A world of shames uncloseted and propensities unbound. An inside-out world, where all the ugliness is unmasked, where everything repressed is released from its sarcophagus, where the spider on the sill is become the beast abroad. We will name this place the Green District, for everything here is go. All stops have been pulled on this stream of consciousness telegraph straight from the heart to the brain. Everything that has always inhibited you from doing Anything & Everything you've always ever wanted to do - Truth & Consequence, Morality & Reality, Time & Space - in the Green District, they are Null & Void. The Green District is that place you always never wanted to go, it is a place both everywhere and nowhere at once. It is the place where I&I tell stories to children unborn, a place where nothing is solid and light forms liquid pools around street lamps for peddlers to pick up and sell as trinkets. It is a place near here, but away. Away. A holiday across red seas and fields of jellybeans. Inaccessible to the I-mind, the Green District is both more and less real than the Here, the world of ordinary events which inhabit us. It is the trellis on which the vines of reality grow; the Green District is the virus and the world is the symptom of the disease, coded in its holographic geometry."

Christopher Staley, Infinity Plus One
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