Kelpie Picture

my newest Aquatic Gargoyle, Kelpie

Yes, named after the menacing water horse of the same name, because she earned it after taming one, remember when I said I'd Give more and more tidbits on my Atlantean Clan's lifestyles and gifts as Gargoyles and magic users? here's a little more with Kelpie in mind;

Every Gargoyle in the Atlantean Clan is able to use basic Magic; Conjuring spells, protection spells, healing spells, Summoning spells, you name the most bare-bones basic spell, they can do it. However, each Gargoyle has a special set of spells specifically designed for their special talent, sort of like how the Ponies in My Little Pony earn a Cutie-mark for their special talent, only they don't earn a cute little picture stamped to their flanks.

instead mostly their name or what they do for magic is what gives it away:

Raya is a "Water Bender" By in which she can manipulate water in any way shape and form as well as manipulate the properties of water.

For Aria, it's sound through her voice she can hypnotize and manipulate anyone by suggestive wording, or through singing like a Siren, or through a full on sonic Vibration/sound attack like Sindel from Mortal Kombat.

For Cascade it's light and all it's properties including some amount of Ambient heat, however she cannot control fire, that's someone else, she can light them but not control them; the most she can do are illusions, light bending to camouflage someone like a Predator, or to make a holographic mirage or illusion.

Finally for Kelpie here, she can tame beasts and animals of all kinds on land and Sea Mythological or otherwise, her first was a Kelpie like i said, her next one was a little smaller; a school of Tuna, her largest was a Blue Whale, but her Favorite, probably the most legendary of all; The Kraken.


that's all i got so far, I'll add on more when i draw and add more gargoyles, the Image could look better, i'll admit, i finished it the way i did with my mouse because i lost my Tablet Stylus
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