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Say hello to the oh so mysterious Chronos! Yes, this guy is actually a very old character of mine, but his backstory is very recent. He also happens to interact with almost all of my stories, given his duties as Watcher of Time.
He was actually human before he became the Watcher. In fact, the reason Dante's dead is due to his story's finale, which I don't have time to post here. They were friends as well since they grew up together as part of the 15 Assassins. Chronos was chosen to be part of the 15 due to a strange device that appeared on his arm at age 7 which gave him power over time, though his metabolism shot through the roof because of this. Eventually he learned to master his powers.
After the end of his story, he leapt back through time, trying to reach its beginning and go beyond that. As he did so, he grew less and less attached to the timestream with each jump, until when he reached prehistoric times, he severed from it completely, falling into a pocket dimension, the Watchtower. There, Chronos met the Sisters of Fate from mythology, only to learn that they too were like him, though much less powerful, and could travel time. However, the Watchtower had prevented them from leaving until a new Watcher was found. Chronos accepted the title and the Sisters turned to dust, finally free.
He fufilled his duties as Watcher quite well, keeping time running, and making sure that the multiple times and possiblities never touched. Then he made a mistake.
The result? Vars. Vars has never learned that it wasn't humans who cause him to be this way, but Chronos (who has after 346 years, renounced his humanity). Chronos quickly recruited Vars in hopes of keeping him stable and if possible sane. After severing him from the timestream as well, he set Vars in his employ as a second Watcher (though Chronos is the only one who can opperate the time portals). Over the years, Chronos has come to think of Vars as a friend, even if the feeling isn't mutual to the hateful Vars.
Chronos never meant to send Vars to Aiden and in fact, tried to push him away from an oncoming portal. Now, he finds he cannot enter into the time stream. Something is blocking him.
Chronos has several weapons at his disposal. Grandfather, a circle bladed scythe, is his most powerful weapon he will wield against mortals (it ages whatever it cuts). He also wields Tick and Tock, twin blades that look like clock hands, Noon and Midnight, two long handguns that can put a hole in 10 inch steel, and Clockwork, a steam-punk looking longsword that at first glance appears to be just scrapmetal put together though the metal can unfold in several places with the flick of a wrist to surprise an opponent (Chronos himself has regarded this weapon as "cheap and cheating")
He's also the reason Vars prefers to wear white so much, though Vars will never, ever admit that he gained anything from Chronos. Chronos' white and black clothing is actually a result of Lady Luck (another of the 15) and her obsession with clothing design. She saw that his hair (bleached from a fit of backed up power) and his left arm (the arm containing his powers) would be matched perfectly by white and black clothing. King (the leader of the 15) told him that it showed how good of an assassin he really was as he wore a snow white coat and never was caught in the act. His mask he adopted after years spent as the Watcher. He realized that he couldn't appear before his old friends without causing a disturbance, so he created the mask (strangly made from the same material as his left arm's armor).
If he ever breaks through the time barrier, he will comes to Vars' aid immediately. (I don't think I'll be using that in my story but feel free if you want to).

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