Sage Sketches Picture


I now introduce you people to Sage. Rather sad, short little thing. Hates ham. Lives with 'The Peacekeeper' in this big, rundown fortune teller's place. She and 'The Peacekeeper' fight about every second of the day and try to kill one another in the stupid, seriously messed up adventures the two have together. But watch out...Sage can bite. And claw. And scratch...and much, much more. Often runs around in her cloak like a spaz.

Name: Sage Anais Siren. (A Siren is a creature in Greek mythology that is like a mermaid, but instead is devious and likes to cause trouble.) Sage fanices sirens and mermaids, so she is quite fond of her last name.

Age: 13, though with eye make-up, she looks about a year or two older than she is.

Personality: Sage is a shy kind of person, yet once she meets someone she can open up to, it's almost impossible to get her to stop talking. She can sometimes be sarcastic and gets sad often due to her depression. She tries to hide her sad feelings from people to keep them from worrying, or bothering her, and she gets upset or cries easily due to her sensative side. Sage is a HUGE hater of ham products, and most food in general. She is mostly a tomboy, prefering war paint over make-up any day, but she CAN have a girly side now and then; when this time comes along, she prefers to wear nice dresses. Plus, she is devious and likes to play tricks and pranks, mostly on Toad, who she often torments after he first torments her. (It's a repeating process of payback/ revenge.) ...She is also very short. ;-;

Heritage: She's a mutt; She's Irish, Ukranian, British, Russian, French, Canadian, and French-Canadian, and most likely much more, but because her mother's father was never known, there are most likely a hidden heritage or two lost in her somewhere.

Likes: Hugs/Huggles, squirrels, wolves, narwhals, pancakes (flapjacks, as called in the story), Toad, cherry pie, adventuring, most slimy creatures like slugs; snails; salamanders; etc., holding hands, snuggling, tea, and most fruit.

Dislikes: HAM. SHE REALLY REALLY HATES HAM. Also hates papayas, anything that can hurt her, arguing with Toad (doesn't happen often but she still hates the thought of it), having nothing/ no one to hug or snuggle with when she needs to, fishing and hunting, seeing dead animals, being lied to/cheated, the dark, having her heart broken, needles, and her sister and her parents from whom she ran away from.

Weapon: Sage uses a sling-shot to intimidate the people in her village, mostly Toad, while she sits up in trees but likes to use an axe when it comes to serious shit. Besides that, she is too weak to really carry anything else.

Dragon: Sage does not have a dragon. Why? She's too afraid to go out and catch and tame one, and the fact that Toad won't help her, saying that she needs to be braver and that she's a Viking for Thor's sake, doesn't increase the possibility of her getting one any time soon by any amount.

Other info: Sage has a HUGE crush on Toad, also known as 'The Peacekeeper', the young teen she lives with, but is much too afraid to tell him about how she feels about him or try to take their friendship out of the 'friend zone', and the fact that she fears getting her heart broken like she has before also adds to this affect. Sage is a fortune teller and a medium; a medium is someone who can contact the dead. She gives the old house she and Toad live in its name, Teller's Tales, with her ability. She enjoys spending her time with Toad often, or doing some sort of craft.

Some of Sage's famous quotes:
"Toad, you bum/buttcake!" >:U
"I speak to the dead. Don't try me."
"I love you." (this one mostly goes towards Toad)
"...You know I'm lazy."

Okay, done...
Am I happy that JAke made me do this?
Yes, actually.

Is Jake a buttcake?
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