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Let Sunday begins! Here I am, mickeyelric11, giving you the third queen in my Arts & Crafts Series from my project Toy Girls. This one again coming from my own list, but you can always ask for a request for this series of for The Catalogue Series. So, now with this work:

The media is more important to us than what we give it credit for. Many of us will consider TV Shows, Films, Comics, Books, Videogames, like a not vital thing, and with not so much real value. Well, yes, those things aren’t like having a job that pays you well, and they aren’t worth to do all the stupid things a lot of people do on Internet. However, that doesn’t mean they really make our lives happier. They are a great way to get a lot of experience without many risks and few limits. Also, they can be the key of a lot of charming nostalgic moments of your life, even becoming big part of it. Maybe you won’t love all those works in a religious way, but to a lot of them you will always have a big gratitude. This is one of those fictional works, and this is one of its characters. For you:

Luna Lovegood, from “Harry Potter”. Played by Evanna Lynch.


In this piece, I want to really apologize for my big fuck up. You see, one of my biggest rules here in Toy Girls is just making adaptations of young girl characters, with age limit 13. This is because (NO, NO PEDO BULLSHIT!!! ALL THE ASSHOLES (not my dear audience that behaves and treats me and my works with respect) WHO LOVE TO START FIGHTS FOR INCREDIBLY STUPID PREJUDICES, HAVE YOU SEEN ONE OF THESE GIRLS I MADE NAKED OR IN A SEXY POSE???!!!)

Toy Girls is about making adorable fanarts, and my style, that I consider a derivate from The Chibi, won’t always end up looking right with teenagers, because this is the phase in life when girls start to get more mature, and that innocence and charm of childhood is fading away. Also, women trying to look cute seem really off (imagine a 33 years old mother with pig tails).

So, under this rule, I have rejected fans’ requests of Teenage Girls. The only exception was with Jessica Starlight, which was 14 years old. However, I made her because:

1) I was really grateful with the user for having faving my Facebook Page (Doing this again won’t make me automatically do a request for a teenager or a woman)

2) I was the one who came first and offer him a work for his birthday

3) The characters still had a young girl appearance; she didn’t look like a teenager yet.

Now, with Luna…I DIDN’T KNOW! I simply didn’t know she was already a teenager. Look at her! She still has that face of a young girl. She looked so short, and I really thought she was in first grade in the Order of the Phoenix. Also, the way she acted, so playful, so jolly, and so weird. I know there are teenagers that act like this (I was like this during those years), but, you really think she is still a young preteen waiting for the legal age to drive a car.

So yeah, because in her fist appearance she was already 15 or 16 years old, she mustn’t be here. However, here are the reasons why I still published her:

1) It’s the characters I remember with most charm from Harry Potter. The first time I see her in OotP, I really loved her look (I WAS A TEENAGER TOO). I just love girls with a so pale tone of blonde hair and skin.

2) She still indeed looks like a young girl, so, the cuteness remake doesn’t look off.

3) I can consider this the Luna Lovegood from First Grade (she had to be in that year at some point), specially because The Arts & Crafts Series is about retransforming drastically the characters.

4) The most important fact: I LOVED THIS WORK. It’s one of my favorites until now, and I was really looking up to finish it and publish it. I don’t want to give it the axe.

So, I apologize a lot for breaking my golden rule. But this shows us that everything has an exception, and this wasn’t even the first one to this project. I hope you understand, so, let’s continue.

Nowadays, I don’t consider Harry Potter my favorite franchise of all time (that’s Fullmetal Alchemist), but I consider it one big part of my childhood and teenager period. I saw the first movie when I was 8 years old, and kept coming back every time (except with Half Blood Prince) to see the next one. It was the main event of every year to see the new Harry Potter Film, and I found so many feelings inside me when I ended the last film in the Movie Theater: I ACTUALLY APPLAUDED AT THE END…AND EVERYBODY IN THE ROOM FOLLOWED ME. I’m not the biggest fanboy of this franchise, but I still have a lot of respect and love to it in general.

Now, about a general opinion about these films, there are a lot of reasons why I’m not a fanboy. The greatest element for me it’s the environment, and Snape: I’m in love with all the sceneries, buildings, locations, the weather, and all the places where the story develops. I just love the cloudy cool British Environment.

The Magic Mythology created here is really good, and as credible as the World of Avatar: TLA. I still remember some of the names of the spells, and, whenever I think of a Murderer Spell, I always think of the Abeda Kedabra as a default.

But, with the story and characters…it’s really mixed for me.

The story is OK, especially because the books (that I never read) and films got darker and edgier (my favorite trope) every chapter, so we got a nice end, however, even before the last film, I felt like the movies’ plots felt kind of repetitive, and there are some stuffs that made no sense: Why do Hogwarts still send back Harry to an abusive home every summer instead of getting such an important person a Foster Home?; considering killing against nature; Harry going willingly to the Three Wizards Tournament even if it was just a Game; not realizing how dangerous Hogwart was indeed; sometimes the stories were kind of hard to follow, etc.

Then the characters…I just ended up loving Snape for his tragic back-story and personality. The rest goes from OK to disappointment. Harry Potter was never my favorite hero, Malfoy was one of the bullies from fiction I didn’t end up hating as much as Johnny Lawrence, Hermoine and Ron were OK, and there were hateable characters as Harry’s cousin, uncle and aunt.

Even with all that, the films are still fun to watch, and someday I will like to read the books. But well, let’s talk about Luna Lovegood (I just want to point out how much I love her name).

In my opinion, this girl is a big marshmallow. Since the first time I saw her, I really loved her. Not only was really pretty and cute, but I identified with her for her weird behavior and sadly for how much she was bullied, being in the bottom a harmless person.

I loved how she always had a happy attitude, even if she was being picked up, she was an outcast, and also she had to see her mother die in front of her (THAT GIRL HAS A LOT OF TRAUMAS!).

Since I made the Arts & Crafts Series, she was one of my first candidates, and the character I was more desperate to make. So, yes, she was going to be a Toy Girl. Period!

First, with Sue Ellen I had to transform an anthropomorphic cat into a human girl, and then with Maya I had to start from a bee without even clothing. However, here, I made what I always wanted to do with this series: transform a real actor playing a character into a drawing.

The face was no problem because I had a defined way of making them here in TG. The real problem came with the hair.

I just had enough problems redrawing the hair from anime characters (which use to have a so complex design here), but when we are talking about the hair of a real person, it’s a bigger mess. First, there’s never a canonical shape for it, because in real life it is always moving, we have haircuts, we combed it or brush it in a different way, and it’s more complex than in a drawing, especially if it’s CURLY. So, the main mission here was to find the most common hairstyle in this actress when she plays this character, and then I had to simplify it enough, because copying it perfectly at the end would have ended up looking kind of weird. Then, finally, choosing the tone, a really hard labor when we realize colors in nature are normally gradients; did I mention this girl has blond hair, the one with more gradients? But, the final product looked really good.

Then there was the clothing that was never the same, so, I had to look many pictures to choose the clothes that looked the best for this worked and I joint together a final outfit. I just love to make a girl in uniform, especially with a tie.

The final detail: I wanted to make her casting a spell. So, remembering her first appearance in the OotP, I decided to make her holding up her wand and representing a blue aura around the tip. I just love how it ended up looking.

In my opinion, one of my best works yet. Just wait for the Toy Girls #21 from The Shelf Series!

I’m going to say it again: sorry for having broken my golden rule. Here’s the thing, I will accept teenagers over 13 as always they still look like a cuteness makeover will fit them well, without looking ridiculous, because “Cuteness shall last”.

If you like this work, please leave a comment, and, if you feel like that, I will love if you share it, to make this project grow. Please, visit the Official page in Facebook for more information. Here mickeyelric11, giving you the thanks.

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