Insoluxes Picture

this is my mythology class project.
there is a story behind him.
his name is Insoluxes
and here is his story...

In the midst of mid-daybreak, Aurora, Goddess of Dawn, together with her eternally aging lover, Tithonus (whom she later turned into a grasshopper), bore Insoluxes, a terrible yet mystifying monster. Insoluxes is derived from the Latin “insolitus lux lucius”, meaning strange light. He was given the body of a man, the legs of a faun, the tail of a dragon, and on one arm, the claw of a giant crab. In the middle of his chest was placed his face: one large, ever-staring eye in the middle, and two ordinary eyes on either side. Also he had a fang-like mandible, with stubby tusks on the each end.
Zeus saw Aurora's child as an abomination, and banished him to live forever at the North Pole, roaming the snowy banks and icy tundras. This made both Insoluxes and Aurora dreadfully miserable. Zeus took pity on the damned goddess and her child, whom she loved dearly, and allowed Insoluxes to be with his mother during the Summer and Winter. All throughout Spring and Fall, however, Insoluxes would weep every night, and from the moment his first tear would begin to drop, to the moment the last one fell, his central eye would glow and illuminate the sky, creating the mystifying waves of blue-green luminescence we know today as Aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights.
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