Kerchak (One Piece Oc) Picture

Epithet: The Reaper
Affiliation: Marines, West Blue
Occupations: Vice Admiral
Age: 14 through 56
Birthday: August 23rd
Height: 450cm

Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Shimigami Shimigami no Mi
English Name: Reaper Reaper Fruit
Meaning: Reaper
Type: Unknown

"The last thing that I want, Sakazuki, is to have Taryn kick my ass sky high if I don't return!" - Kerchak's comment of his wife's temper

Kerchak is a Marine Vice Admiral who is renowned as "The Reaper" due to his Reaper-Reaper Devil Fruit powers. He is the husband of Taryn, the father of Lisbeth and the adoptive father of Jim and Calder. He is a firm follower of "Grey Justice", believing that everyone have their own choices to make and that they have the right to stand by them even going against the consequences.

Ketchak has a very tall and fit yet muscular structure with short deep brown hair, dark eyes and tanned skin.He has a star shaped scar on his right eye from his childhood incident with pirates. He mostly maintains a very calm or grim expression on his face and has a deep tone of voice. As he grew older, he grew out an mustache and goatee.

It's would seem that Kerchak has ceased to age since he reached his late 30's due to his Reaper Reaper Devil Fruit powers or if it is because of the souls he absorbed over the years.

He wears a grey hooded over his head and marine cap with a dark red scarf tucked in around his neck. He also wears black dress pants with matching colored shoes. He has his long marine vice admiral jacket lean over his shoulders like a cape.

In his youth, he wore a dark grey jacket with a black hood over his head on over a white T-shirt. He also wears black slacks with matching shoes.

Kerchak is an calm yet strong willed and courageous man who is capable of maintaining his composure, actively involving himself in combating various threats. He has a determination to survive and a willingness to help others. He is also very level headed, honorable and determined with a strict sense of duty and professionalism when dealing with any dangers and threats, operating very much by the book and in accordance with the rules but is not blind to corruption and deceit that happens around him.

Despite his collected exterior, when his temper and rage is unwisely provoked by his enemies or if his closest comrades are harmed could on being entirely merciless and frightening, showing a righteous fury but a dark and wrathful side to him as well. His experience allows him to maintain a level of cool and calm to make competent decisions even under extreme stress. Like three of his comrades, Kerchak has shown extreme qualities of bravery and fearlessness.

Powers and abilities:
Kerchak is an extremely powerful Vice Admiral with immense strength, agility and acrobatic to climb, wall run and leap large distances even for his height and build. He is capable of wielding secondary weapons from bucklers, armblades, gauntlets, and claws to massive maces, axes, and spears. Despite his I eve he has excellent to vision and and acute hearing. He is able to make use of vehicles and rideable creature, using his superior intellect to solve problems, puzzled and situations that helps him to unlock the truth. Even in childhood, he has shown to be clever in his actions that allow him to progress and survive.

Devil Fruit:
Reaper Reaper Devil Fruit is an extremely rare fruit that is considered to be one of the most dangerous and powerful to ever exist as it grants the one who ate it to have the inability to die so long as they absorb the souls of its victims.

It grants the user the ability to transform into a faceless hooded being that is similar to the mythological grim reaper itself but whenever the user is angered or raged, the eyes will glow dark purple and a glowing mouth will appear.

Necromancy is one of the abilities the devil fruit has. It will grant the user the ability to steal or absorb the souls from its victims' bodies and store it within themselves. They can use the souls of its victim to become their willing or unwilling minions to serve. The user can also summon a large scythe from thin air and use for both offensive and defense capabilities as well being able to guild or fly in the air.

Orphaned at a very young age with little to no memory of his biological family, Kerchak had survived living in the streets thorough whatever means in the West Blue. He soon gained possession of the Reaper-Reaper fruit and ate the devil fruit but was unable to control its incredible ability to absorb souls upon having physical contact with civilians but would use this to his advantage against pirates. Having been shunned due to his powers, Kerchak lived an life of a loner till he met another orphan near his age named Taryn who was unafraid and unbiased towards him. Despite his reluctance to have her accompanied him as he believed he would be a danger to her but the girl was still seemingly emotionless and unconcerned about it.

The two forged an unbreakable bond and obligation towards each other which was demonstrated when they were ambushed an group of pirates that Kerchak killed most of their crew and held Taryn hostage till Kerchak saved her by using his reaper power to transform into his reaper form after losing his left eye that gashed during torture. He saved himself and Taryn from the vengeful pirates after killing them all but the scar on his eye left him emotionally scarred. Their companionship had helped Kerchak control his devil fruit powers through sheer will and became an fearsome individual in his own right outside of the marines which earned him the recognition from Fleet Admiral Kong.

At the age of 20, Kerchak and Taryn adopted two infant orphans whom they named Jim and Calder after dealing with a ferocious pirate raid on a town in the East Blue and took in them as their guardians. He taught the boy outdoor skills as well teaching them to fight and survive. Calder would later say that Taryn taught him where to draw the line, rather than to take a stand.

Over the next three years, Admiral Kong came before them during their travels and offered them a place to stay for themselves and the boys till they get things settled, and even suggested that they join the Marines to make their abilities to be put in to better use. Kerchak and Taryn joined the Marines at the age 23, soon becoming acquaintance and close friends with two other trainees named Phoebe and Jacks, befriending with then as well.

Kerchak had became acquainted with future vice admirals and admirals such Sakazuki, Borsalino and Kuzan, and gained the recognition of his mentor former admiral Zephyr for his personal moral integrity. He soon found himself falling deeply in love with Taryn but couldn't find the courage to confess these sort of feelings and knew that there were other Marines seeking her affection.

After a year, Phoebe and Eddie noticed Kerchak's feelings for Taryn and devised a plan in having both participate in an contest of strength in a festival where a male fighters would fight for the hand of the strongest female fighter, managed to convince the two separately in doing so despite their reluctance. Once Kerchak found out that Taryn would be the potential strongest female fighter if she pasts the female contest of strength and knew of some of his marine comrades such as Sakazuki and Momonga who had an attraction towards her.

He had three weeks to prepare himself for the contest and still maintained his friendship with Taryn, protecting from any pursuers as well to prevent her from getting into fights with the previous strongest female fighter named Emma who was a burly, spoiled and aggressive bully. Kerchak tried to persuade Taryn to turn away from the contest but her willingness to stand up against Emma prevented her from doing so after witnessing Emma violently bullying Phoebe. Having no other choice but to participate, Kerchak took had problems to deal with especially with his fellow competitors. Both Eddie and Kuzan helped him deal with these situations by offering advise or assist him when things get out of hand.

Three weeks later after the events, Kerchak participated in the contest of strength as he defeated most of the competitor in one on one combat unarmed without the use of their devil fruit powers and weapons. His most difficult challenge was against Sakazuki who originally had the upper hand and had nearly killed him but upon remember the memories of Taryn and himself which gave the strength to overwhelm Sakazuki and defeating him by knocking him into unconsciousness, having become the winner of the contest.

Though he was the winner, Kerchak refused to have Taryn as his prize as he claimed that he did this to protect her from potential harm but she soon began to notice the emotion he displays were unusual and began to realize of his feelings for her. Phoebe and Jacks apologized for getting both of them involved but they were forgiven soon after.

Kerchak was soon promoted sometime after his graduation at the age 25 and during his career, he earned the moniker as "The Reaper" due to his ability to transform into a faceless form similar to the being. He was too well respected by both his peers, subordinates and enemies.

Kerchak has worked on numerous occasions with his close friends during their travels in all of the seas, proving to be a formidable team but their teamwork did had their bumps due to their different personalities and views as they would sometimes bicker among each other. He was considered by most of Marines as a "liberal", having zero tolerance for slavery, racial discrimation and senseless killing. He was not above being very harsh yet fair towards his peers and civilians to which Sengoku admired in, considering him to be "Admiral" material though Kerchak refused the position to follow the example of Monkey D. Garp.

During the years, Kerchak become more confident within himself as he began to shed his intial shy and withdrawn demeanor. He wanted to spend more personal quality time with Taryn but was unable to due to his work and her becoming a dispatcher in order to stay home and raise the boys. However, the two would talk to one another through transponder snails whenever they had time away from each other. They even came to witnesses Jim and Calder's enlistment and affirmation in the Marines.

After mustering up the courage to confess his feelings after the encouragement from Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp in his early forties, Kerchak managed confessed his deep feelings for his childhood friend to which she finally recognized and recorpriatated to this. The two have been in an relationship for many years that has been considered to be unique and unbreakable

Years later both Taryn and Kerchak participated in the Whitebread War during the time of Portgaz D. Ace's execution, Kerchak witnessed Jim fatally injuries and called out his fellow marines to help but none were able to respond as the effects of the war drove the marines in a bloodthirsty rage towards the retreating pirates. Jim soon died after the war, leaving Kerchak and Taryn to silently grieve.

After his funeral months laters, Kerchak and Taryn were visited by Sengoku who came to give his condolences for their loss but Ketchak reprimanded his superior for letting Blackbeard join the Seven Warlords and his obliviousness did not seeing the pirate's true intentions before the war began.

Over the two year time skip, Kerchak with Taryn and Calder managed to recover from their loss but neither were happy about Sakazuki's promotion when it should it been Akoji (Kuzan). After many years they have spent together, Kerchak and Taryn finally married in an private ceremony with two closest friends, Garp and Sengoku present as witnesses.

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