Kuroshitsuji OC: Tesla Fritz Picture

Another OC of mine for my much loved Black Butler aka Kuroshitsuji!!! Luv it!!! XD <3
She is the beloved sister of a wealthy Engilsh land owner, she loves books, but hates to read. She is intelligent in science and mathematics, but never ask her to write a letter or essay!!!
She is often remains inside and doesn't really like to be seen in public, mostly cause her eyes are a pinkish/purple hue (look like Demon eyes LOL). She usually covers at least one eye with her hair, to try to hide the color, but she needs to see, doesn't she, so she keeps the other eye visible.

Name: Tesla Fritz (last name of German decent--meaning she is part German)

Age: 19

Occupation: Phantomhive Manor Librarian...knows where all the books are, not that she has read any of them...

Eye Color: Pink/Purple

Hair Color: Brunette

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Likes: Books (but not reading), science, math, all kinds of mythology and lore, ITALIAN FOOD!!!!

Dislikes: Reading, writing, BOATS/ SAILING (seasickness), her eyes...

Personality: Pretty agreeable under most circumstances, very intelligent and easily approachable (if you don't mind staring into her weird-colored eyes). She absolutely adores the smell and weight of a good book, but never expect to actually have read it unless it has something to do with science and/or myth. Very good at hiding her hatred for others, which leads everyone to think she is their pal, but in reality she might completely detest that very person. It does make it hard to distinguish from whom she likes and whom she hates. She is mysterious and usually keeps her feelings and thoughts to herself.

Thoughts about:
Ciel- Very Cute and smart kid, seeing how serious he is gets me really depressed though, he was quite kind to have offered me a position here as his Librarian, not sure why all of a sudden he needs one, he managed without one before my arrival.

Sebastian- Extremely attractive however mysterious and suspicious character, the most impossibly perfect butler. Kind of creepy...I try to hide from him when he comes looking for me, or pretend that I am busy with something, but he always sees right through me.

Baldroy- Explosive Personality. He is quite the useless chef, but well-intentioned. He offers to cook the servants meals and I always respectfully deny them in place of something I make myself. Everyone usually ends up picking off my plate, even Bard.

Mey-rin- Really friendly, very clumsy, I like how her glasses hide her eyes...mental note, ask her where she got her glasses. Anyway, I like to help her when I can, but I always like to make sure Sebastian is not around, so I don't get yelled at for not doing my own job...

Finnian/Finny- Just about the happiest and most adorable garden-killer I have ever seen! That boy can lighten almost any mood, I always seem to find myself smiling after every time we speak, his happiness is contagious.

Tanaka- More of a relaxed character, but when he is needed he immediately jumps to fulfill his duties.

Snake- Kind of strange, he can talk to his many snake buddies which is cool, he is a misfit, like myself, but I feel bad about complaining about my eyes when that poor boy is stuck with having the pallor and appearance of a snake. He's nice to me, or many of the snakes are nice to me, never really sure whom is speaking... Emily doesn't like me much, she doesn't like it when I talk to Snake...I'm not completely clueless, I think Snake may find me attractive, but sometimes Emily scares me, maybe in jealously...I don't have any idea...

Nina-As a fashion designer she is excellent. She is very touchy, maybe a little too touchy.

Elizabeth/ Lizzie- Met her only a handful of times, never really spoke to her. She compliments me on being "cute" quite often, I have never ever tried to be "cute", but if she says so, then I guess I am...

Prince Soma- A little annoying and overbearing, he's nice I guess. Can't stand him sometimes.

Agni- The most beautiful man I have ever met!!!! He's really sweet and really capable. Incredibly loyal to Soma, which is both good and bad. It's obvious he can commit, but why not to meeee!!! TnT

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