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Name: Natalie Monroe Blake
Nickname: Nat, Nati, Bitch Tits
Age: 28
Birthday: February 23
Gender: female
Blood Type: 0+
Species: Human

Hair Color: dark brown/black
Eye Color: emerald

Height: 5'8''
Weight: app. 130-140

Distinguishing features:Natalie has small scars on her back and a few burns from her days of working with her uncle. He taught her everything she needed to know to be a demon huntress, but his lessons were sometimes very painful. She has a small tattoo on the small of her back.

Occupation: Huntress, undergraduate in forensic science, studying to be a medical examiner
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Mother: Rebecca Blake -deceased-
Father: Anthony Blake -deceased-

Other Relative(s)/ Family Friend(s) :
Uncle Harley

Siblings: Tabitha, kidnapped from home when she was 8

Nationality: American, some English

Special Skills:
Natalie is a distinguished personality in the field of forensic science for her age. She was known for having an interest in the field of medicine and knowing how things worked. She knows how to handle several medical devices and knows several medicines and their uses. She knows the basics about hunting demons and some more complicated things along the way. She also has done her fair amount of research on Greek Mythology and knows a lot about it.

Likes: Drinking, reading, watching tv, Castiel, the Winchesters, hunting, sleeping in late, singing
Dislikes: Lucifer, demons in general, vampires/empuse,being out of ammo, classical music, spoiled food

Personality: Natalie is very strong and independent, she doesn't take well to being yelled at. She can be quiet and reserved if she doesn't want to talk, but can talk all night if she really wants to. She tries to hide most of her emotion behind a wall so that others won't question her constantly about how she's feeling. Sometimes her wall breaks though, and she can actually be very emotional and over protective of people she loves. She has trouble trusting people sometimes, but she takes good care of those who she loves and acts almost like a mother figure for them.

History: Around the time Natalie was 22 and studying up north in college a distant relative to the vampire, more commonly referred to as an empuse, and it's minions raided her hometown of Mandeville, Louisiana. Empuse lure out children with a haunting melody while they sleep, and Tabitha was one of the children lured out of her home and kidnapped. Their house was burnt down with several others shortly after. Natalie was not informed of her parents' death or of her sister's kidnapping until she came down the following month for vacation. She then drove to Fairhope, Alabama to see Uncle Harley. Uncle Harley was a childhood friend of her father who had also taking up the occupation of being a hunter. She asked him to train her in his ways and within a few months set off to find the Empusa.For the next two years Natalie was unsuccessful in her attempts to track down and rescue her sister. She had suffered through enough one-on-twenty fights and lost enough blood to know she needed help from professionals. She went back to Uncle Harley who gave her the number of the Winchesters and called them up as soon as she left. Once they met she offered them a deal after explaining the reason for her call. If they helped her find her sister and kill the empuse who had kidnapped her in the first place she would in turn help them find Lucifer.Four years later, when Natalie was 28, they finally managed to rescue her younger sister Tabitha who had now turned 14. However, the empuse who had now dubbed herself "Renesa" was furious and sent her own legion of empusae after not only Natalie but the Winchesters as well.Now Natalie travels with the Winchesters in hopes of finding Renesa once again to finally defeat her and also help put a stop to Lucifer.

Her close friends: Castiel, the Winchesters, Bobby, Gwen Morgan, Shiloh Summerland

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