whoops monte take 2 Picture

*EDIT* okay some of this isn't applicable yet because he's still a baby, and im a lil unsure about how to integrate him into the roleplay, but-- here you go, all done!! vuv *ENDEDIT*

hnghgn okay im gonna have to write up his app later tonight but
basically calli's roleplayer sorta left the group sorta or i mean it's sort of complicated but um therefore im making monte an illegitimate bastard child instead, i mean mainly because i was really looking forward to roleplaying him and want this to go ahead vmv hnnh hh ill submit this to the group once i finish his app and figure everything out but for now hey here you go look at his new design

here's his old app and old design just kind of for future reference;

for World-of-Tainted

"Ga-ga goo-goo."

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