Really, Nintendo? Fairy type? Picture

Yeah... today they announced an 18th Pokémon type. Exciting news, right? Well... maybe if you stopped reading at "there's a new type" and didn't get to any further details.

So what is this new type they've introduced? FAIRY, of all things.

Yeah. There will now be FAIRY-type Pokémon.

To "celebrate" this occasion, I've added some more awful type ideas onto the chart so Fairy has some company. Besides Dragon and Dark, anyway. In case you didn't know: Dragon type was tacked onto the original Pokémon games at the last second (you can tell if you hack into the ROM and look at the weak/resist charts... the other types' weaknesses and resistances are scattered all over the place, probably programmed in as they came up with them, while all of Dragon's weaknesses and resistances are stuck on in a single clump at the very end.) And of course, the Dark type's immunity to Psychic attacks (their only real defining trait besides the vague "fighting dirty" concept) makes no sense and only exists as a counter to Psychic Pokémon that were overpowered in the 1st-generation games.

So basically, Steel is the only newly-added Pokémon type there's ever been that wasn't terrible. (And yes, Dragon was so last-minute that it's probably fair to count it as a "newly-added" type on top of the main types of the first generation. I mean seriously, only having one attack for the entire type, and even that ignores weaknesses/resistances? Even Ghost, as underrepresented as it was in the first generation, at least had three attacks AND three Pokémon...)

To be fair, Fairy isn't the worst thing that could've happened. They could've caved in to fan-idiot pressure and put in a lame-ass Light type. They could've even thrown that thing we call "making sense" completely out the window and added an even dumber type like Crystal. So at least we just got "another Dark/Dragon-level mistake" rather than a type idea that's unbearably awful.
And there is still hope that the weaknesses and resistances will be well thought-out this time (unlike Dark and Dragon--why are dragons resistant to electricity again? and why does fighting dirty suddenly make you more vulnerable to bugs or less vulnerable to ghosts?) So far they've only revealed that Fairy is super effective against Dragon, which leads me to believe that Fairy is more of a "magic type" than exclusively being fairy-related (...honestly if they had just called the type "Magic" I would have no real issue with it... Fairy is just way too narrow for an entire Pokémon type, it's the same problem Dragon has. Well, one of the problems Dragon has, anyway.)
I'm guessing the idea there is "magical stuff is better at fighting dragons than non-magical stuff" or something like that. I've also seen speculation that Fairy might be weak against Poison and Steel, both of which make a lot more sense than Dark or Dragon's weaknesses and resistances for sure (Steel basing off of how fairies were often vulnerable to iron in mythology, and Poison based on how fairies and such tend to be associated with nature and wouldn't like pollution and such very much.)


Though I don't think I've ever actually seen anyone make a Plastic type, all of the other fake types on the far right column have unfortunately appeared in at least one person's fake Pokémon lists at some point. Even Wind, the type that was made redundant before it even existed by the already-existing Flying type (and made even more redundant when the physical/special split made it possible for there to be special-based Flying attacks.) There's even two of mine on here--Food and Slug were types I made up when I was around 11-12 years old and Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow were still recent. Even worse than those two was the "Kirby" type (which was immune to Food, of course!), but I left that out since none of the other types has a capital K that I could use to make it. XD

And yeah, I got a little lazy with the new type blocks by the time I got to Light. It's just the "Fight" of Fighting with the F flipped and one bit removed, only a little bit of extra editing done to it. So the shading's off on that one. But honestly, I hate the idea of a Light type in Pokémon so I can deal with that one looking a little crappy. XD
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