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Kid Icarus Uprising, Nintendo 3DS, Action Adventure, ★★★★★

Gameplay: It’s not everyday someone comes up with some truly unique gameplay, without it falling flat. But that’s what Sakurai does in all of his games. The guy who revolutionized the fighting genre with his game Super Smash Bros. No longer had fighting games been about memorizing codes, but knowing how to use your arsenal of moves. And that’s the same for Kid Icarus Uprising. The gameplay is intricate enough to keep you entertained, and out of a rut, but never to a confusing degree.

Half of the game takes place as an aerial on-rails shooter, which plays out like Starfox on steroids. This is fairly simple. You move your stylus on the bottom screen, which moves the crosshair on the top screen. The L button shoots. As you fly, circles fill up on the bottom of the screen. Once one of those fill up, you can tap it for an ultimate attack that kills all enemies on screen. If you stop shooting you can fly around and dodge easier, and also, your reticle charges. Once it charges, you can shoot once for a stronger attack.

I know what you’re thinking. “That doesn't sound too complex, wouldn’t that get boring?”. In a word, no. The worlds you fly through are very diverse, and at all times during a story, a narrative is going on. Nintendo has found the ultimate way to mesh story with gameplay, by having all dialogue DURING the gameplay, and actually correspond with it too, in real time. Also, there are so many different weapons that all play vastly different, that it never feels the same.

The other half of the game, is on land. Which kicks up the gameplay a notch. Pit can navigate in full 3-D areas, shooting, meleeing, dashing, dash-shooting, and all in 3D glory. There are tons of weapons to collect that greatly affect gameplay, along with powers to equip.

Presentation: The visuals are very beautiful, and I can’t give them enough praise. Imagine flying through a gorgeous galaxy, flying past constellations, on an epic quest to save the world from darkness. And the sound is just as impressive. But the true presentation to Kid Icarus Uprising it’s story. It’s a little shaky as a whole, but you’ll never notice during play. The entire game is teemed with dialogue having Pit, the playable character, talking to the gods through…telepathy? I’m not one to question it. Every character has their own personality, and hearing them all quarrel in modern dialogue, is very refreshing and entertaining. It’s like a movie, but not in that Last of Us kind of way, where you watch a movie and then get to play for a little. It’s like you’re actually playing the movie. A hard concept to explain after so many movies disguised as games, have come out. Gameplay and story intertwine, and it’s glorious.

Content: The game has 25 chapters, none of which are over too quick. And like the aforementioned Smash Bros series, there are trophies to collect. All characters, weapons, items, areas, enemies, and bosses are represented in glorious 3D character models to collect. There is also AR cards for all of em! There are also achievement to unlock as well. Hundreds of them, if I do recall. Annnnd the multiplayer is amazing. Best online I’ve ever seen on 3DS. There’s a multiplayer mode called Light VS Dark, where you have to fight an opposing team until their angel appears (then defeat him). It’s fun to compete, and try out new weapons and powers to aid your skills.

Overall: Like its Japanese title suggests, Kid Icarus Uprising is a classic example of “New Light Mythology”. With a modern look on old concepts such as gods and Ancient Greece, it’s certainly original. Stunning quality, intricate yet comprehensive gameplay, amazing dialogue, extensive content, epic online. What can I say about this besides it’s a must-own, and one, if not the BEST, game on 3DS.

Five Stars.

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