Mer Reference Picture

A front and back reference drawing of Mer Arethusa, my aquatic character (yes, Mer has a last name now).

Here's a bit of info about her:

Mer comes from an aquatic species that lives in the North Sea (a sea on the fictional version of earth that my airship storyline takes place on). They have a system of hydraulic limbs which change shape and function when they enter or exit water. On land, they pump water into their limbs in order to have them stiffen and become more solid, enabling them to grasp things with their hands and walk on their legs. In the water, the fluid in their limbs is pumped out and back into their systems. As a result, their limbs become fins which aid their powerful tails in swimming. They never remove more than half the water from their arms (to enable them to work underwater) and never more than three-fourths the water from their legs.

Their society is a theocracy and is run by several high priests (two of which are secretly very corrupt). Their religion state that all life came from a vast sea that exists outside the universe. This sea has a consciousness all its own, and chose to create them out of the sorrow of being alone for so long. They also believe that each one of them holds the key to living forever, and that through rigorous religous practice they can achieve this. Mer, and several of her friends, are extremely divout to this faith, and reference it on an almost minutely basis (which gets somewhat annoying to Zero and Dove as the two of them are atheists).

In truth, Mer's species does hold the key to biological immortality in their genome, and it can be activated (permanantly) under the right circumstances. Their religious leaders know this, and two of them exploit it greatly to their advantage. Dove also knows of this immortal gene, and uses it as the basis of the indefinite lifespan device that she and Zero use to keep themselves alive.

Mer's main hobbies (besides her religious practices) include ichthyology (the study of fish) and deep-water diving. She has a natural curiosity towards things (which sometimes gets her in trouble). Mer doesn't mind those who have different belief systems than her, however she does subtly edge others towards her faith, an action which she sometimes doesn't realize she's doing.

Mer Arethusa (c) Me (ZeroDevil)

ALSO: if Mer's last name sounds familiar to you but you can't quite put your finger on the name: THINK GREEK MYTHOLOGY.
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