Shifting Tides: Strife-class ID 267-X Picture

This is the protagonist of "Shifting Tides", a story about a dystopian future where all organic species are dependent of machines to live, and are in full expansion, leading all the species deemed as 'alien', as well as remaining organic nature, to shift in favor of the hegemonic machines. This society, complex as it its, often classifies everything and regards a motto as "classify to know". Overly rationalists (even though assuming emotions as what drives them - ironically equating these inseparable poles) and proud of its "diversity" (allowed both by those who control the means of production, of change and customization) and "freedom" (often confused with power to consume and with capacity of changing bodies/tools), this bio-mechanical society has made it easy to "include" (in a very similar manner to assimilate) peoples, countries and even different species into it.

While all seems to march on one direction, there are still covert resistances, which perceives all the lies of "equality, diversity, inclusion and society". Ranging to a nihilistic and solipsist view, the resistance often sees the bodies and products as shells, reflexes of the idea of majority and of hegemonic domain that, at some point in history (something manipulated by the forces which hold the knowledge bases - a secular institution that has strikingly similar speech to one of the many possible/conceived religions - the Martyrions) has brought forth this cataclysmic monopolization and dependance of one to another.

Seeking a true and plain freedom, even in an individualistic view, the resistance members are searching for manners to bring down Civilization (their major enemy). At the middle of this, a worker (ID 267) find some items and places of archaeological interest, and by so it sees itself in the midst of a deceitful treason coming from its employers.

With themes ranging from DIY and Autonomy, plus Stirner's Philosphy and as well related to Earth Liberation, this story also relates that all the changes from the world must come at first in daily deeds, postures and even by re-evaluating privileges associated to identities. Between bodies and existence there is much more, yet it is unclassifiable by words and concepts. What is deemed as reason and rationality is nothing but forms to control in favor of the emotions and desires of hegemonic classes, by creating a system of knowledge (convictions) that suits those in power.

Not fantasy-inspired yet as existential as the Apkallu Mythos, this story has a bit more of philosophy-inspired (rather than mythology) characters, yet is way more sci-fi and as so has many technologies/habits absent into our world, yet all parallel (in the same manner as the fantasy of the Apkallu Mythos will show itself to initiated individuals) to what is called, understood and worshiped as a 'international', cosmopolitan and 'democratic' society.
This has parallel development in the mythos as it is created and conceived by Gustávos Mauritos, 14-year old Minoican Civilian born in Pireas, Minoica, in the planet of Tredius.
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