Laughing Tragedy (Full Drawing) Picture

Lots of people in lots of places, and I've known quite a lot of them, have pretended to have Caulrophobia... evidently because they feel it is an amusing phobia to have. I do not have Caulrophobia. Clowns annoy me, in many regards. I was fondled by a Clown in Guatemala. That was... odd. We'll say.

I do respect Comedy, in her classical aspect. I also respect Tragedy. And I still think it's ironic that the classical Greek concepts of both would today be somewhat interchangeable. My favourite caveat; Oedipus Rex began in the comedic vein, set to the backdrop of a plague within a besieged city. We don't get the Greeks. I wonder. Maybe Earthquakes are caused by dead Greeks turning in their graves wondering just what it is we're doing with their legacy. And there you have it.

A sentiment we all, regardless of Colour, Creed or Confession, ought to be able to agree upon.

Speaking of creed and confession... there's a hidden in plain sight political statement in this piece which escaped me until it was done. Call it self-effacing humour. Speaking of the New Comedy...

But no bathroom humour!

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