Inari's Tearoom - Nomiki Jin Picture

Style: Hard to define....Medernised Old Classical?
Likes: The sky, red grapes, calm or classical music, the color blue, hugs, gloves, rainstorms.
Dislikes: Having poisonous claws, because they make his feet and hands purple, being alone, his too wild hair, pools of water, human meat.
Personality: Often acts very happy, silly and optimistic, wanting to hide the fact that he is sort of depressed and lonely.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Bio/History: Ever since he was a kid he hated who he was. He had never had a friend, a true friend that would be with him not because of fear. While he wasn't even a hundred years old he started traveling around the world. At first, it was just for a childish wish to have a friend, but by now, he travels mainly to keep himself busy, leaving a place at the very moment he gets bored with it. Of course, to travel he needs money, that's why he takes on jobs that wouldn't need him to be around for long, like assassinating, spying, babysitting, anything, just name it.
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