Ponyland-RP Ref [SLICE-OF-LIFE]: Myrrh Stone Picture

NAME: Myrrh Stone

AGE: Mare

TYPE: Unicorn

Kindhearted and always open for anypony who needs her help. As she's from Saddle Arabia, she's speaking with a slight accent, even after practicing for years. On the other hand, she surely has many interesting stories to tell.

Myrrh was born in a wealthy merchant family somewhere deep in Saddle Arabia. From childhood on, she was used to traveling, as her family had to wander long distances between cites to bring their goods to the customers all over Saddle Arabia and beyond. Often times, they had to walk for days without seeing any other pony, so her family needed to be as independent as possible. As a result, she soon learned how to self-medicate when she got injuries, and as her family soon noticed that she had a talent for healing magic, that became her profession in the family. She wasn't always happy with her family's nomadic lifestyle, but she knew she had no other choice as to support them. As a little payment for her efforts, her father gave her a young eagle chick for birthday. Surely not completely without the intention to use the bird as a mean of navigation as soon as it could fly, but she was okay with that. She named the little bird Caelaeno, after a mythological creature she heard in the old ponytales her family used to narrate during resting at a campfire. It soon became her best friend.

One day, while traveling the borders of Saddle Arabia, Myrrh's bird began to circle over a small area deep in a forest. Her family decided to investigate. What they found was a seemingly collapsed mine shaft. Horrible screams were coming from the place. And while her family might be greedy for money, they still had a heart and decided to come to aid the miners... Again, Myrrh's job was to heal the miners her family rescued from the shafts...

A few ours later, a strong build unicorn stallion stormed into her tent. He claimed to be a medic too and would help her, so she agreed, even if they had more than problems with communication at first.

Soon, both of them noticed that they were far from being even an adequate team. While he tried to treat serious injuries with scalpel and tread, she tried to rechannel the life energy in their veins to nurse them back to health. She labeled his efforts as “slashing out at the half-dead”, he hers as “useless hocus pocus.” But they had to work together, or they'd get burred under a sheer endless flood of injured ponies...

After a while, the helpers managed to uncover the rest of the mine. Lots of ponies got buried under the crashed down ceiling and couldn't free themselves without help, so the helpers mobilized everypony available. It was the first time for the two unicorns to enter the mine, which seemed like an endless maw of rock and darkness to them. Thanks to his relatively muscular build, Amara was able to smash quite some rocks that hindered the rescue or covered the unfortunate victims, while Myrrh took care of the first aid so that the miners would survive the transport back into daylight. They were so focused on their work that they didn't notice the faint rumbling of the earth surrounding them. The rest of the mine collapsed. And as they started running, it was nearly to late for them. They already saw the light at the end of the tunnel again as it happened: A huge rock came down from the ceiling, smashing Myrrh's pelvis and hind legs, letting her cry out in agony...

Amara stopped in his tracks, only hooflength from the exit. He couldn't let his angel die, as he'd later explain her. The relationship they had developed in the short time they had known each other might have been a love-hate-relationship, but still, there WAS love. Putting his own life at risk, he ran back, pushed the rock aside and pulled her out. She fainted on his back.

He made an emergency operation on her, managed, even if just barely, to save her life. What he couldn't save were her hind legs, nor could he save her from having a lifelong paralysis from the pelvis downwards. Still, she insisted that she'd stay and help him with the other injured, even if she had to be on pain killers to do so. He granted her that wish. And after they had finished their job at the mine, they stayed together forever. The bits they earned for their help were enough to get her an improvised wheelchair and settle down in a small village, where they founded a clinic. Myrrh had accepted Amara's methods, as they had saved her life. And soon he discovered that she was able to heal psychological wounds and scars he couldn't handle, so they grew to be a perfect team, supporting each other as much as possible.

And, oh well, together, they had a real whirlwind of a daughter...

She still uses her eagle to stay in contact with her family through air mail, by the way.
Sometimes, they send tea.

Her strong healing magic lets her heal pretty much everything that is not a broken bone, and even if her methods might take a bit longer than conventional medicine, it's always non invasive and won't have any side effects. Also, she's a hobby psychotherapist.
Thanks to her accident, she's bound to her wheelchair, which restricts her movements to a pretty pathetic level. Still, thanks to her mental strength and the help of both husband and eagle, she manages to live her life.
Also, she makes pretty much the best tea all over Equestria!

Sheet base by ~OctoberFlash
MLP: FiM belongs to Hasbro and *fyre-flye
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