Toy Girls - Shelf Series 10: Olive Picture

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s me, mickeyelric11, and I’m brining you another piece of my series Toy girls, this time feeding the Shelf Series, but, if you have a request, you can ask me whenever you want and I will publish it on a Saturday in my Catalogue Series. So, let’s continue with the piece.

Something normal about fans, which include me: we love to invent theories about our most beloved fiction works. Creepypastas, Word-of-God thoughts, simple guessing, etc, we like to answer ourselves some doubts about our works, or we even see them in a different angle; normally in a darker tone. In the filled of the Preschool Shows I love, this character really made me wonder more about it, especially for the simplicity of her show that denies to go so deep in the matter. For you, this is:

Olive, from “Justin Time”.

After the first time watching its trailer, I really hope this could be another “Milly, Molly” or “Eliot Kid” for me. However, it wasn’t what I thought, but it wasn’t as bad as Dora the Explorer. Justin Time is a show about a really simplified premise of a kid, Justin, travelling back in time, suggesting the title, or jut through his imagination, along his imaginary friend, or magical creature, Squeaky, going into adventures related to “historical events”, where they will meet his… imaginary human girl friend, humanoid magical creature, ghost of a dead girl, I don’t know, named Olivia, who will guide them in the new place where they will have to solve the problem of the episode.

Yea, something that prevents this from becoming and “Arthur” or a “MLP: FiM” is its really bland and uninteresting characters, the lack of established secondary characters, and the so many plot holes. However, what saves this show from being a “Bubble Guppies” is its really good animation, with an incredibly charming and memorable design, how smart and adult it was in realizing its own limits and limit itself of just using certain periods of time, without touching any really and specific historical events or people, and instead just trying to use the elements to create its own mythology. Also, something good about unexplained stuffs is that sometimes they can grow interest.

For not having defined secondary characters, and the main one, Justin, being so bland and forgettable (and better we don’t mention about how forced Squeaky is like a comic relief), the character that got my attention was definitely Olive. Alike in “As Told by Ginger”, she got the grace of having a different outfit every episode, adjusted to the time period where the adventure happened, and most of them make her look so cute (NOT SEXY), also, for her really sweet and helpful attitude, and with the writers being smart enough for not making her a Tsundere, she was really likeable.

Also, something that would really make me so interested in her was her context in the show. She was human, but she was never seen along with Justin in the real world. She only appeared in his imagination, but in every adventure, always. Also, because of the lack of evidence pointing out any way of time travelling, it was more than obvious Justin only imagined up every adventure, and, because he didn’t even invite real boys to it, we can picture him as a really lonely boy. So, if he imagined up a human as an imaginary friend, why a girl instead of a boy to be more identified with?

In my opinion, Olive can represent darker and sadder than a simple imaginary love interest. For the execution of the show, I really see Olive as the imaginary avatar of a girl that Justin really loved in real life, like a neighbor, a friend at school, or even a sister, who was really smart, especially in History, but sadly she passed away. So, to cope with the grief, Justin imagines her alive and living adventure with her. Whoa! But, that’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY! XD XD XD. So, she was a Toy Girl for sure.

When I chose her to draw, I couldn’t help but to picture her standing, and resting against a wall of the height of her waist, laying the arms over it. Also, I imagined her with a relaxed face looking to the horizon.

I decided to draw her with the outfit she wears in the intro, so she could be more ease to identify. I really don’t like the standing pigtails, but in her they looked greats.

The first time I drew her, I forgot to add her freckles, and this is funny considering how much I complained to myself for not getting a freckled character. But, she only need me to add them and so, problem solved.

Well, the better part of this is that with her I finish the characters from really unknown shows, so I can get to more popular animated girls, because “Cuteness shall last”.

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