Independinece Won and Lost Picture

This is my entry for Cavittos July monthly contest. Now that Imm has had her little filly I thought I should incorporate her into her story. I know her markings seem to not to be the same as what is shown in her reference but this is showing her left side, while her reference shows the right.

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----- Story-----


She had known she was at the end of carrying her foal but she was surprised none the less when the time came. She was put into the field like normal. But this time she used her illusions to make it look like she had gone into her field. She looked at the poor groom that would probably be blamed for her temporary disappearance, and felt a pang of guilt for him. She would make it up to him latter. She began walking to find a safe place in the woods, one that wouldn't be so hard to set up an illusion, or if she couldn't, one where she and her foal would not be seen. She knew the wood well so she did not have to look too hard to find a suitable spot. It took her a little longer to set up the illusions. Once she had done all that, she prepared for the foal.

It was a filly, a little filly. Her coat was a warm gold like her fathers. Her mane was copper red. She had white creeping up her belly and legs. She also was not breathing, not well. Her small breaths were short and labored. She was not responding to any of Imm’s encouraging nudges. She tryed useing her healing, but there was nothing she could do. Thats when Imm began to panic.

“What a predicament you are in Illusionist, and favorite of Clio.” said a chilling voice from behind her. Imm wheeled towards the possible threat to her new foal, and saw a woman in black. She had pale skin, like bone. Hair black as night, and dark eyes.

“Who are you and what have you done with my foal!” Imm asked enraged but not stepping towards the woman. She was going to keep her body between the woman and her filly.

“I have done nothing, you see she was born with one little issue.” she said with a laugh.

“What, it that why she...”

“She doesn't respond? Yes she was born this way you see. Thats why you can’t heal her. Shes not hurt, but she is hurting. I can fix that.”

“Who are you.”

“You didn't know?” she said with a smile. She extended her pointer finger and from some mist that began to form there , a ring of keys appeared, but at the end of the keys were symboles. One had a torch on the end, one was crossing arrows, and the final was shrouded in sparkling darkness. “ Im the sorceress, witch, and controller of the arcana. As well as other side project too.” she said with a twisted smile. Eyes glowing slightly red.

“How do I know you didnt do this to her” Imm snapped in her fear.

“Some know me through other ways other myths, My Egyptian sister,” she says a frog appearing in her hands with a puff of dark mist “ and others like her. Im not vengeful against newborns who have done nothing to me. Or their mothers” she said seeing her first comment had not calmed Imms aggression.

“What do you want for healing her then?”

“Want?” said Hecate

“The gods don't give these things away just for free. Especially if they have no connection to us.” Imm replied a bit of contempt in her voice.

“Alright,” she said putting her hands up “ you caught me. You see I am going to need your services one day, and you must come to help me. No matter what your doing at the time. You come to my call.”

“A favor?”

“Do you want your foal to live?”

“YES!” Imm snapped.

“Do you agree to the terms then?”

Imm looked down at the small form between her legs. Her little breaths barely moving the grass in front of her muzzle. She would have to give up her freedom. She couldn't let her foal be taken from her. “Yes”

With a snap Hecate disappeared in a puff of mist. Not a moment later Imm heard a gasp from the filly. She looked down to see the foal breathing normally. The knot of fear Imm had in her heart began to dissipate. She gave the foal a little space breath, but stayed right at her side. Her eyes soon snapped open revealing bright turquoise eyes. She pulled herself up so she was sitting and looked up at Imm. Imm watched her foal struggle to her feet for the first time. A sight that just a little while ago she thought she wouldn't. She knew she had done the right thing, giving up her freedom for that of her daughters. Her daughter deserved her freedom. How bad could a favor be anyway.


Story references (Greek Mythology Research): , Hekate.html">

No References for the piece used in detail, just some horse books I have to make sure I was geting the foal proportions right, you can ask for the titles.

Done in coloured pencil and color corrections in Preview.

If you see any spelling or grammar mistakes, just tell me and I can fix them.
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