Asphodel Picture

Full view please! Even if it still isn't a full version, lol. I'm using it as my desktop background on my 1440 x 900 monitor.

Okay, where shall I start?

Recently I decided to take my Dystopia Steampunk piece to the next level by turning it into the first installment of a post-apocalyptic musical-sub-genre series. This is the second in the series, representing Industrial.

Asphodel is, in Greek Mythology, the place where completely neutral people go when they die. It strips the last of their personality away, and, in some random source I found when looking up a pretty name for this piece (yes, that's how it's done), it said that Asphodel makes your spirit/soul/whatever-remains-after-you're-dead into something practically like a machine. Which of course captured my imagination in a Big Way.

Now for the credits:

Model stock by Tripperhippy . Beautiful even if it is edited. I could still work with it.
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