Farrah D'ambrosio Picture

Name: Farrah D'ambrosio
Gender: Female
Age: 33 (Human Years)
Species: Shape-Shifter
Breed: Fennec Fox
Orientation: Heterosexual
Size: 11"
Occupation: Circus Performer
Use(s): Freak Show Circus, Personal Roleplays

Personality: Farrah is not a personable individual, nor is she afraid to speak her mind to others. She is disrespectful and indifferent to the opinions of others and set in her own beliefs, even when she is inevitably incorrect. She is hard-headed, stubborn, and difficult. Unfriendly and rude, she is a friend to few. She is also deceitful, clever, and sly, which makes her even less trustworthy. Conversely, she can be brutally honest at times. She often seems emotionless and drained of every ounce of happiness that she perhaps once knew. She has a dry, bitter sense of humor and is difficult to understand. As such, she is most often seen alone, preferring quiet solitude to the company of others.

Brief History: - To Be Announced -

Abilities: Farrah has access to a human form, which allows her to easily disguise herself in the presence of humans. In addition, Farrah is able to exhale fire at will. She can choose to breath a tongue of flame or launch fireballs at opponents. However, due to her small size, Farrah is unsuited to combat and primarily uses her abilities for show.

- Agility
- Evasiveness
- Shape-Shifting
- Breathes Fire
- Acute Hearing

- Physically Weak
- Small Size
- Fragile Build
- Susceptible to Water
- Poor Stamina

- Gentle Quiet
- Solitude
- Diablo and Paine
- Astrology
- Mythology
- Warm Weather
- Fire
- Performing
- Sleeping
- Digging

- Chaotic Places
- Loud Noises
- Large Crowds (Excluding Circus Audiences)
- Cold Weather
- Rain/Storms
- Water
- Authority

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Mate: None
Children: None
Friends: Diablo, Paine, Luma, Naomi, Abiteth, Stella
Enemies: Kaigo, Icarus

Other Information:

- As a fire-breather, Farrah has a higher body temperature than the standard human or fox.
- Her ears and sharp eyes are her most expressive features. She does not hesitate to express annoyance or irritation.

Reference Image Used: [link]
Farrah was designed by ~Darkflow215.
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