Ymir The Ancient Picture

n Norse mythology, Ymir, also named Aurgelmir (Old Norse gravel-yeller) among the giants themselves, was the founder of the race of frost giants and an important figure in Norse cosmology. He was depicted as a frost giant who found the frost giants. But later on, he was soon killed by the Borrs.

"Old tales I remember of men long ago. I remember yet the giants of lore ...Of old was the age when Ymir lived;
No Sea nor cool waves nor sand there were;
Earth had not been nor heaven above, Only a yawning gap and grass nowhere."

According to these poems, in the beginning there was nothing except for the ice of Niflheim, to the north, and the fire of Muspelheim, to the south. Between them was a yawning gap called Ginnungagap and there a few pieces of ice melted by a few sparks of fire created a moisture called eitr, the liquid substance of life. Ymir was the first to be conceived as drops of eitr joined together and formed a giant of rime frost (a hrimthurs) and sparks from Muspelheim brought him to life. While Ymir slept, the sweat under his arms became two more giants, one male and one female, and one of his legs mated with the other to create a third, a son Þrúðgelmir. These were the forebearers of the family of frost giants or jutuns. They were nursed by the cow giant Auðumbla who, like Ymir, was created from the melting ice in Ginnungagap. Auðumbla herself fed on a block of salty ice, and her licking sculpted it into the shape of a man who became Búri, the ancestor of the gods (Æsir) and the grandfather of Odin.

Buri fathered Borr, and Borr fathered three sons, the gods Vili, Vé, and Odin. These brothers killed the giant Ymir, and unleashed a vast flood from Ymir's blood killing all the frost giants but the son of Þrúðgelmir, Bergelmir, and Bergelmir's wife who all took safety in a hollow tree. Odin and his brothers used Ymir's lifeless body to create the universe. They carried it to the center of Ginnungagap and there they ground his flesh into dirt. The maggots that appeared in his flesh became the dwarves that live under the earth. His bones became the mountains, his teeth rocks and pebbles. Odin strewed Ymir's brains into the sky to create the clouds, and took sparks and embers from Muspelheim for the sun, moon and stars. The gods placed four dwarves—Norðri (North), Suðri (South), Austri (East), and Vestri (West)—to hold up Ymir's skull and create the heavens.

so lets look at this, the heat of Muspelheim thaw the ice revealing a "Giant" , he's like an ancient gollem from a civilization destroyed by ice. gears and steam powered like the Golden army, the "sparks of life" awakens him. so hes furnace powered.
his sweat is really hot slag or magama, dont ask me were the cow comes in.

Vili, Vé, and Odin kill ymir, his brains become the clouds (the steam shooting out of his head, like a teapot. His bones became the mountains, his teeth rocks and pebbles (he exploded and his pieces scattered across the earth). a vast flood from Ymir's blood killing all the frost giants (again, his blood musta been lava or something)

Ymir is the oldest and most powerful of the Frost Giants, a race of enormous humanoid creatures several hundred feet tall, and covered with snow and ice, and native to the dimension of Asgard. The Frost Giants origin is lost in antiquity; however, they are known to predate the gods of Asgard themselves. In fact, during Earth's Hyborian Age (after the sinking of Atlantis and before the Bronze Age, approximately 16,000 BCE to 8,000 BCE), Ymir served as one of the most prominent gods of Earth, alongside Crom, Mitra, and others. Ymir was worshipped as a god by the people of Nordheim, a civilization composed of the human Aesir of Aesgaard in the eastern portion and the human Vanir of Vanaheim in the western portion. Ymir served as their lord of storm and war, and chief of all their deities. Ymir's domain was in Valhalla, a snowy, shadowy place that was home to soldiers slain in battle; apparently similar to the later relationship between the Mount Olympus of Greece and the otherdimensional Olympus of Zeus, Ymir's Valhalla was apparently connected to the mountains of northern Vanaheim, perhaps by some sort of portal or nexus. In any event, Ymir's daughter Atali appeared to dying combatants as the harbinger of their journey to Ymir's realm. Not surprisingly, for the Vanir, war was a sacred duty waged in the name of Ymir.

* Strength: Incalculable
* Fighting Skills: relies of brute force
* Special Skills/Abilities: manipulation of fire and ice
* Superhuman physical powers: Aside from the above listed attributes, Ymir's body continually generates intense cold and heat, and he can freeze anything by touching it while other parts of his body can intensly hot (like Mash Potatoes!). Ymir is fully immortal and can neither age nor die. Ymir's body is covered in thick ice, and although it can be shattered, he can then mentally cause it to reform.
* Superhuman Mental Powers: none
* Special Limitations: Like all Ice Giants, Ymir is dependent on the presence of cold temperatures. If it were not for his ability to generate intense cold, Ymir's body would overheat because of the intense heat.
* Source of Superhuman Powers: Ymir is the eldest and most powerful member of the other-dimensional race of Ice Giants

Note, This is ymir from Marvel not mythology, well i can be both. i guess. Im doing Avenger stuff now
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