Humanoid species - Cylvians Picture

A short lithe bodied species of nocturnal cave dwellers. Their physical characteristic are large light sensitive eyes and sound sensitive ears and a main of hair going down their back that act as a early warning for shifts in movements behind them. They have silverish to greyish white skin that end in dark bluish purplish skin at their hands and feet and mottled spots on the rest of their body.

The mythological origins of their ancestors say that the first Cylvian to exist had out of greed tried to take the sun for himself brought it down with an arrow and plunging the world into darkness; bringing all manners of creatures out from crevasses of the earth. The gods in anger punished him by forced him to put back sun by carrying it up the tallest mountain in his bare hands. The ardous journey had both scorched his hands from holding onto the sun and heating the rocks under his feet. Near blind and exhausted from the journey up the mountain he was able to put the sun back in its perch but in such a clumsy manner that it was not able to sit firmly atop the sky but drifts up and down. The first Cylvian now blinded and his skin bleached from the light could not bare to see the light of day anymore and retreted into the shelter of a nearby cave. The cave was cold and he believed that he would not survive for very long is this cold damp place, until he pulled embers of the sun from his forearms and started a fire to keep warm. Their society is very family oriented as the limited cave space means retaining of land is upmost factor in moving up in Cylvian society.

They're dealings with the outside world were limited as they lived in a very conservative reclusive society, till recent trades with surface dwellers making the adventorous youths rich. Theyre main desires are gems and stones and tools to cut through the rock to expand their cave networks. Their diet consist of moss, fungii and small cave dwelling creatures, occasionally supplemnented by hunting/gathering outside the caves at night. The caves also house some very dangerous creatures in the water so much of their daily harvest have to be done by the young and dexterous. They are agile and flexible able to squeeze through crevices and openings and with good upper body strength suited for climbing. High ranking females/males whom hold alot of territory tend to be the most well off and elite of the society. Holding a very conservative mind set. Though this is changing within their society as newer more adventourous youths have brought many riches, including shiney gems and stones and new ideas, much to the weariness of the old guard.

Art and species by *Higalack
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