Commander's Hoax Viking Realm Political Map 1911 Picture

Game: Commander's Hoax Volume 2 & 3
Concept: Viking Realms Political Map for the Year 1914

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Viewing the core countries that make up the wealth, science, politics, and military of the Viking Realms. House Siegfried and Ragnar Lodbrok are two of the larger and more powerful of houses spanning thousands of miles across while Hagbard and Vidfamne provide the necessary trade and sea routes to the rest of the world.

House Siegfried: A very powerful and wealthy house within the Realms the provides a vast bulk of the military ground forces such as infantry and tanks for their frontline conquests. Formed and named after the legendary hero of ancient times this house strikes fear into the neighbouring countries and smaller/lesser houses that want to challenge their might and prove they are not all what they seem. This has been proven by the well trained might of Roman Triarii as Siegfried infantry training isn't the best compared to other countries however the overwhelming horde often outweighs this argument.

House Ragnar Lodbrok: Not the original site for this house after a lengthy dispute and multiple wars with House Hagbard they were forced from their founding sites but have come back with greater tenacity than before. Now forming as a central hub to all the Realms' culture, art, science, and technology, they have defined themselves as great thinkers as well as excellent tacticians. During the first war with The British Empire; House Ragnar struck multiple strategic victories against their natural enemies that were considered to be "un-Viking" in nature. Now coupled with the increasing ranks of Shield Maiden Tanks divisions to mirror that of their New World League neighbours, they have secured their place within the Realm.

House Vidfamne: A ruthless reign that has lasted more than a thousand years under the constant bloodline and even rumours say that the first Vidfamne king survived an attack from Odin himself who believed he had gotten too powerful. Now however in the modern world the King rules over nobles and dukes that vassal over small counties within the domains. This houses contribution to the realm is the vast industrial capacity it can hold when war comes to rebuilding the country. All the houses look to Vidfamne to supply their troops when on long campaigns or exploration. This requirement comes at a high price; often massive tributes of man power or gold is the cost of supply.

House Hagbard: The believed direct descendants of the best sea-faring gods in Norse mythology. This house provides the Realm with their necessary ocean based fleets for conquest, trade, and exploration. In recent times, when combined with technology created by House Ragnar Lodbrok, they have expanded to creating vast air fleets to rival that of the mighty Imperial Remnant, one of Hagbard's oldest and greatest enemies.
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