Ayame: Gatekeeper Picture

"I...am the gatekeeper..." What movie or show is that off of? O.o Actually...it's more of a door than a..gate, lmao.
I have a new story! I have a new story! Ahem. No. I've added onto a story! *repeats*
I know Ayame's dead and everything, but...lmao, his story's still under developement? ^.^
First of all. Kami. They're nature spirits whose primary focus is serving and helping humans. However, in Akino Matsuri's Pet Shop of Horrors, Count D is a kami who's primary focus is punishing humans.
Why not have a kami who...can be either your best friend or your worst enemy?
I've decided that before Ayame became really engrossed with human affairs, he had another job which was to guard the gate to the Otherworld.
My first idea is that he is like the Greek sphinx of mythology. Weary spirits travel to get to this doorway so that they can pass on into the next world. But Ayame stands in their way to judge them. He doesn't have a riddle for them or anything. Instead, he reads them. He can tell if they are worthy or not just by looking at them.
If he thinks that they have lead good lives, he lets them on through. If not...they go to the other place.

Second idea. XD This one's a funny one. What if someone died and they knew that they had lived a...not so fullfilling, wholesome, life? What if they found a loophole...and managed to get around Ayame and through the doorway? What if they tricked him? I've decided the perfect candidate is :amarrabae: 's character Gwynevere. She's snarky. She's badass. She's...cheeky! (That's a perfect word, lmao.) She could outsmart Aya-san and get through! And once she's through, she'll turn around and call him a dumbass. XD
This is relevent because Gwyn's best friends with Ayame's next life Fiang. You may have heard of him. ^^
She's always calling him a dumbass.
I'd love to see Fiang take up "gatekeeping" again. He could get Gwyn to help him.
Random "Gatekeeping" Senario:
*Fiang just keeps quiet for the most part. Gwyn's basically doing his job for him*
Person: What did I do in my life?
Gwynevere: Yeah, were you a...painter? Did you rock climb for fun...What did you do?
Person: Actually I...I was a prostitute....O_o
Gwynevere: Prostitute....Huh.....*turns to Fi* Got anything for that, dumbass???
Gwynevere: You know Jim-Bob, we've got Heavens for dogs...for angels...for soccer moms and Jesus home dogs...But the prostitute person......Not in our arsenal of...happy afterlifes! -_-;;;
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