Proxy Blood - Kayo Takali Picture

race: Isi Hatak
age: 36
height: 5'11"
weight: 201 lbs
homeland: Okla-Homma territory

This gentle grazer had no knowledge of recent events, as he had little dealings with humans or other lands. One day, he made a strange friend from a far-off place, similar but different to himself, wielding a sort of double-sided tomahawk. From this 'faun' he learned of a great Struggle going on, and how he came from a similarly peaceful laid-back culture that was nearly wiped out by the wild fighting. Kayo Takali was moved, and vowed to represent both hooved races in the tournament.

When he wins, he suggests all the old human buildings should be torn down, saying it's best for all the earth's creatures to live under the sky. Only by sleeping under the stars can all creatures learn to relax and live in peace. Nobody really expects Vampires to go along with this. The isi hatak do advance somewhat, learning agriculture and practicing it on an epic scale. Many of them intermingle with satyrs and the remaining fauns.
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