Guardian Dog NEW Reference Picture

--> Bio

Species Name ]] Guardian Dog
Scientific Name ]] Canis Curator
Name Meaning ]] The name 'guardian dog' stands for the belief that these canines are the guards of souls and cemeteries. People either worship them as deities, or they fear them as devils.
Order ]] Carnivora
Class ]] Mammalia

Lifespan ]] 100 Years
Maturity ]] Most reach full maturity at eighteen to twenty years.
Diet ]] Most have a tendency to eat meat, though the rare Guardian Dogs feast off of souls.
Elements ]] These elements sum up what an individual Guardian Dog uses for its powers. Some are rarer than others, though.

Common ] Fire, Water, Earth, Air
Uncommon ] Electricity, Ice, Steel
Rare ] Pestilence, Darkness, Light
Limited ] Time, Space

*** Elements do not cost extra points. However, I can feel free to deny you the option of getting a rare or limited element. Do NOT ask about Limited elements. Those are rarely ever made, and they do not come as customs.

Habitat ]] Most are found at places where creatures usually die, such as graveyards or war fields. However, there are the more wild Guardian Dogs that live in marshlands, forests, or rarely mountains and tundra.
Reproduction ]] When these canines are searching for mates, the male will usually use its fire to guide a female to it. The brighter the fire, the more females a male can attract. Though some bond for life, it can also be common for a male to move on after the female's pups mature.
Litter Size ]] 1-5 Pups (Common - 2 Pups)
Breeding Seasons ]] Guardian Dogs usually go into heat at random times during maturity, though most will never breed during the winter. The most common season for breeding is spring.

--> Description

Height ]] Guardian Dogs, when fully mature, can get up to six feet. Females average around five feet, and the males are usually six feet. It is very rare for them, but some get up to ten feet. Very few of these have been recorded, though.
Colors ]] The usual, common colors are colors one would find in nature. They have dog-like patterns, and some can be piebald, melanistic, or albinistic. Rare colors include unnatural colors, though their colors can never be too saturated, such as neon colors. They can, however, have the occasional unnatural pattern.
Saliva ]] Due to the Guardian Dogs' need for fire, their saliva is a mixture of kerosene and the usual enzymes found in saliva. It is said that the kerosene in the saliva is used to fuel the fire. Due to these Guardian Dogs having to swallow food with kerosene on it, their digestive systems are complex enough to digest food with the saliva on it.
Family ]] The female usually takes care of her pups by herself; the male will only stay when she is nursing the pups. Once the pups are old enough to eat meat, the male leaves, and the mother has to hunt for her children.
Groups ]] Guardian Dogs are usually solitary creatures, but some choose to hunt in packs. The packs have a complex hierarchy, and they are very strict on keeping the order.
Fire ]] The odd and unique thing about Guardian Dogs is that they must always carry around a fire. They are born with the fire in their throats; once they are three months old, they are allowed to obtain an item for the fire to be in. They can have pretty much any color, but they can never have white or grey. Black is a recessive genetic disease, and most don't survive passed a few months if they have the disease. Those that do survive find it hard to make a normal life, and they become outcasts of their kind.
Fire and Eyes ]] Their eyes will always match the color of their fire, even if they have a genetic disease that affects color.
Black Fire ]] Those born with it start having problems after a month or so. Their saliva does not produce as much kerosene, and their fire happens to be quite dim. Black Fires have trouble digesting food, and mating is nearly impossible for them later on. Most die after a few months, or they are cast out by their families (unless one parent is a Black Fire itself). Most are thin, and their fur tends to be thinner than a normal Guardian Dog.
Albinism ]] Albinism is also a killer for Guardian Dogs; they suffer severe problems, due to their fire being transparent. Since they have a lack of pigment, the fire cannot produce any color. They have the signature white fur, though their eyes appear grey. Since Guardian Dogs have eyes that resemble their color's fire, a Guardian Dog with albinism usually has clouded and grey eyes.

--> FAQ

Can I make my own? ]] Unfortunately, you may not. For now, I am keeping this a closed species. However, I will open customs and also make adoptables.
What is the usual price for one? ]] Prices can vary among Guardian Dogs. The base price for a common one is 100 points.

+ 50 Uncommon Feature
+ 100 Rare Feature
+ 200 Mega Rare Feature
+ 300 Special Feature

Can mine breed? ]] Yes, but there is a catch to that. You must pay 100 for how many pups the two breeding Guardian Dogs have. If they have rare features, then you will pay an extra 100. It is basically like buying a custom, but you will be able to make them, and they must be similar to the parents. You have to pay for them and note me, though.
How many can I have? ]] You can have as many as you pay for; however, I would prefer you only buy as many as you can take care of.
What can I use them for? ]] You may use them for roleplaying or as an OC. So long as you aren't abusing your rights, then I don't really care too much. I might make a group for these later.
Can I re-sell them? ]] I would rather you not do that, but if you find a better owner, then you may re-sell yours for half the original price.

--> Features

Common ]]
- Lion-like tail
- Small horns
- Based off of patterns seen in nature (dog-like patterns)
- Fire in lantern
- Any FIRE color except for black, white, transparent, and grey
- Medium fur
- Occasional unnatural markings

Uncommon ]]
- Tundra Guardian Dog (Long fur, pale colors)
- Mountain Guardian Dog (Long fur, Bigger size, Stockier build)
- Unnatural colors (Must be pastel- not too bright on the eyes)

Rare ]]
- Heterochromatic eyes and fire
- Special tail (lizard, flowing, stubby, etc.)
- Big horns (Antlers, higher than ears)
- Wings
- Accessories
- Fire in something other than a lantern
- Bioluminescence (Glowing markings)

Mega Rare ]]
- Based on another animal
- Multiple tails
- Third eye
- Multiple heads (up to three)

Specials ]]
- Black Fire
- Albinism
- Melanism
- Mythological creature based (Discluding ceberus)

Guardian Dogs and Art (c) PenumbralWolf
amehx is allowed to make adoptables of these!
Texture (c) ArtOfDecay-Stock

*** The design for the displayed Guardian Dog is OPEN.

- Lion tail Common
- Small horns Common
- Unnatural Colors Uncommon
- Bioluminescence Rare
- Element: Electric Uncommon

150 Points (Save 100)

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