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This character is intended for a roleplaying group, #Toradh-Ireland.

The template for the character sheet was provided by the group.


Character Name: Zel'Azra (Zel)

Race: Demon

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)

Weight: 145 lb (65.77 kg)

Apparent Age: early 20s

Orientation: Gender-blind

Relationship status: Single (for the moment)

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Class: Lust

Rank: 2
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Zel'Azra has an extremely volatile personality. One moment, she may hate every fiber of your being while in the next she's seducing you. She takes pleasure in luring victims in, making them entirely devoted to her, then kicking them to the curb as soon as she bores of their attention to move on to her next target. More frequently, though, she works at inciting and destroying relationships between humans, depending on her mood. Sometimes she will incite occurrences between dedicated and lusty lovers, other times she will cause rape or adultery. She enjoys being in the company of humans, particularly those who have had their inhibitions lowered through means such as alcohol, and frequently will find a place for herself at concerts, clubs, or bars. She is very jealous, and rather prone to loneliness. If she desires attention and does not receive it, she frequently will seek to cause chaos and distress in the lives of those that short her.

Powers or Abilities: Basic rank 2 demon powers, lack of burning skin on most areas of body (common of lust demons), able to convey the meaning of her words to people of any language

Zel'Azra was once a beautiful human woman, at the dawn of humanity, and she was adored by many men of her tribe. For years, she enjoyed the constant admiration and pursuit, though she kept no serious relationships, as she sought a man who was loyal, intelligent, and able to support her easily, among many other ideals. Many of the other women began to dislike her for her choosiness, especially as it kept the men's attention on her when they as well were looking for husbands. The man she eventually chose for her dedicated companion, though he seemed to fit all that she had hoped for and was an ascending leader of the tribe, quickly became overconfident due to his acquisition of the most coveted woman of the tribe, and considered himself above all others. Thinking he could do as he wished now that he had acquired the prize, he fell into disloyalty, taking on many other lovers behind her back.
Upon discovery of his betrayal, Zel'Azra was driven to madness. She revealed his actions to several jealous men of the tribe, some of whom he had taken women away from. In a short amount of time, the entire tribe had turned away from him and he was forced to leave as an outcast in the wilderness - at the time a certain way to assure somebody's death. However, Zel'Azra was not comforted by the punishment of her former love. She, in her crazed mind, was determined that relationships could never be as perfect as ideal, and desired to destroy any that could find what she had thought she once held. She began to obsess over the relationships of the others in the tribe, frequently even sparking them herself. However, once they began, frequently with fiery passion encouraged by Zel'Azra, both in open and extremely subtle ways, she would covertly begin to tearing them apart. At times, she would merely cause disagreements that would mount into anger and distrust, while in rare circumstances she would seek to take on one of the pair as her own lover. She lost all sense of gender, not caring who she sought after or incited relationships between. She hid both her intelligence and madness effectively in this time, always careful to cover any evidence that she was the cause of the results of her toying with the hearts and minds of the others.
In time, however, her insanity became so great that she could hide it no longer. The cause of the tormented relationships of so many were revealed, and the entire tribe joined to bring about her demise. She was beaten unconscious and bound and a bonfire was lit to burn her to death.
However, when she was thrown into the flames, she did not burn. Instead, her flesh began to shift, hooves developing from what were once her feet, bat-like wings sprouting from her shoulders, and horns rising from her forehead. The flames only clung to one spot - a strange runic mark that glowed on her shoulder. The members of the tribe fled in fear from the monster that was developing from what had once been one of their own kind.
In time, Zel'Azra awoke to a new existence. She was in great pain from the beating and fire, though it was slowly and surely abating. Soon, she healed to full health once again, though the changes in her form remained. Over the years, she slowly learned the full powers she had come to obtain - her power over the mind of humans was greatly increased, and she could change her apparent visage to seem as normal in their eyes. At times, she would meet other abominations - other demons like what she had become - and she learned to control herself more fully from them, though in general their meetings were brief and tense.
She continued to toy with humans and their relationships, at times keeping to small manipulations of everyday people. However, she would occasionally take on larger targets that would change the course of history. She drove David to adultery with Bathsheba, and incited the abduction of Helen of Troy by Paris, among many others. A prime era of her power came during the time of the ancient Greeks, where she tended to enhance her beauty in the eyes of mortals, manipulating their relationships and playing a role that would frequently be called Aphrodite in legends. When the Greeks were overrun, she fled and fell into depression for many years. In time, she came to the Aztec empire, when she was worshiped as Xochiquetzal, a goddess of fertility, beauty, and female sexual power. With the arrival of the Spaniards, she again was disrupted from her position of honor and fell into a madness that lasted for several centuries, varying between spiteful resentment of any successful relationships and deep loneliness that leaves her clinging to even the most superficial of companions as she wanders the world. However, despite all the brief lovers she has taken on and the madness that still consumes her, she still has some twisted dreams of one day finding a companion worthy of her.

- Zel'Azra learned from a fellow demon soon after her conversion how to overcome language barriers by her power over human's minds. No longer does she care to remember any current human language, instead speaking twisted forms of the words once used by the people of her tribe long ago.
- She will frequently obey the norms of modern human society to gain some form of companionship for a time. To those in the towns the takes residence in, she could seem to be a normal human with a taste for gossip and parties. She instead tends to twist words carefully to manipulate relations and get her way.
- She loves attention, and will frequently become very spiteful or vicious if she does not feel she is getting the acknowledgment deserved. Loneliness allows her to feel the insanity setting in, which still terrifies her, so she will seek to keep at least a few humans as acquaintances to keep her company.
- Her facial features reflect those with decent from the indigenous Central Amerinds, as she still mourns her loss of power and worship in the Aztec society.

Indeterminate - Born
Indeterminate - Transformation into demon form
c. 2000-100 BC- Travels in Mediterranean region: first encounter with ancient Greek culture during Greek Bronze age, takes on name of Aphrodite with development of Greek mythology
c. 1190 BC - Trojan War
c. 1010 BC - Causes adultery of David and Bathsheba
146 BC - Conquest of Greece by Romans, leaves Greek peninsula
c. 1350 - Arrives to Aztec empire, takes on name of Xochiquetzal
1520 - Destruction of Tenochtitlan, fall of Aztec empire
Late October 2011 - Arrives in Toradh
Fall 2011 - Meets Lokka, Kirro, Nish, Moira, and Sehti


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